Peer Reviewed Article on the Needs of the Aged

PeerReviewed Article on the Needs of the Aged

Belzaet al. in Older Adult Perspectives on Physical Activity and Exercise:Voices from Multiple Cultures tries to expound on the significance ofphysical activity in improving the health of individuals. Accordingto the Healthy People 2020 goals, increased physical activity andexercise is one of the strategies that will generate a healthiersociety. When it comes to the aged, they are the least active of allthe age brackets and are therefore the most susceptible to diseasesthat result from sedentary lifestyles. The data collection methodinvolved the recruitment of around seventy senior citizens fromdifferent ethnic groups. These older people were placed in differentcommunity centers where they were interviewed using their nativelanguages. The questions focused on the barriers that limit physicalexercises and those that facilitated physical activities. The resultsthat were found were based on the creation of more exercise programsthat were ethnic-oriented. Another step was to educate the society onthe necessity of physical exercises especially among the aged. Allthese exercise facilities were to be situated in areas that wereclose to where the senior citizens resided. All these services wereto be offered at low costs or even free of charge (Belza et al.,2004). These findings showed that the strategies needed governmentalfunding.

Themain thesis of the article is focused on improvement of the seniorpeople’s health. This main idea behind the article is a good planthat can help many people. The authors of this research article showthat they have the necessary credentials as a majority of them havePh.D.’s, and some have a Master’s degree. The method used in thedata collection was a proper way as it encompassed the aged peoplefrom different backgrounds, ethnicity, and social status. The resultsthat were found were relevant as they spoke about the necessary stepsthat have to be taken for the health of the aged to be improved. Theauthors built a logical argument and portrayed their main ideas in avery comprehensive manner. These arguments are still very valid asthey are still a working progress. The authors achieved incommunicating their main ideas that involve improvement of the healthof the aged though increased physical activities. The strategies thatwere suggested are bound to work if the proper funding can beavailed. The article relates to the experiences that I had while Ilooked after the senior citizens in the nursing homes. Theexperiences reminded me how inactive most of the aged people can beand why there is a need for them to improve their physicalactivities.

Thepoints that the authors of this article put forth can be appliedwithin the public sector if funds can be availed. With properfunding, the strategies that can increase the physical activitiesamong the senior citizens will effectively work. The facilities thatwill be provided and the education that will be taught to thecommunity will significantly improve the health of the society moreso the aged people (Koh, 2012).

Sincethis study was conducted on a private level, the support from thegovernment could be hard to achieve. However, since the study hasshown that the benefits that could result from the implementation ofthese strategies would be at par with the vision and goals of theHealthy People 2020, the government may be motivated to help along inthis process (Asia, 2014).


Theresearch article has provided a new way of improving the health ofthe senior citizens. The ideas that were postulated in the articlewere convincing and relevant to the study. This shows that I agreewith the authors of the article. The best way of improving health isthrough physical exercises especially among the aged. This statementis true because the aged are usually the most inactive set group andare more at risk of catching some diseases. The work done by theauthors was comprehensive and to the point.


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