Perfect Society


Asociety that works towards protecting its citizens, fostering theirpersonal growth, as well as helping them be productive should haveideal characteristics that make it perfect. It should be unique fromother societies through its operations and the system of governance.

Designinga perfect society

Thesociety will be realistic.

Itwill be realistic in the sense that the government in that societywill not control the activities of the people. People will be atliberty to do what they feel like doing and abandon the activitiesthat do not serve their interests. The government will not engageitself in activities like taxation, welfare, or social security.People will be willing to giving out their income without beingforced to donate it to any organization. The national boarders thatare present in other societies will not exist in this society. Thiswill reduce the barriers that may exist when moving from one place toanother. There will be a common currency in the society to enablefaster transaction of trading activities and exchange of goods andservices. As there will be different cultures in the society, thestandard currency will solve the difficulties that may arise in thecourse of any business transaction. The society will use uncorruptedcapitalism that uses natural checks and balances to increase thetransparency and accountability of the services that will be carriedout. The commodities that matter to the life of people will be valuedand given priority, and they will be purchased the most while thosethat have no use will not be allocated time and resources (More,2010).

Thesociety will have no competitors for the natural resources that mayresult to fear among its people. To them, there will be nothing likethe scarcity of resources because everything will found in abundance.There will be a holistic approach in attending to some of the issuesto ensure that the needs of its citizens are attended to within theshortest time possible.

Societyof better ideas

Thisideal society will teach people how to live in harmony, taking careand respecting one another. The ideas that this society will teachits people will enable every individual to understand that what theygive to other people will be due to human nature hence, they shouldgive it out of a good heart without being forced to do so. Theeducation system will comprise individuals between the age bracket of5 to 15 years, and the learners will be taught the ideas that willenable them deal with any situation that they encounter in theirdaily lives. The system will also teach them about the basics ofeducation that are taught in any grade school. After the gradeschool, the learners will proceed to college and take courses thatthey are comfortable to study (Abdelwahab, 2013). People in thissociety will not depend on materials things to be happy in theirlives, rather it will depend on the help they give to one another intheir society. This will be the best society to live in because ifthere are jobs that people do not want a then a solution will bedeveloped to replace them.

Thesociety with basic necessities

Allthe necessities will be available in abundance in this society. Food,shelter and clothing will be available without struggling for it. Thetransport and communication will be highly developed in every regionin the society. Every individual will be absorbed in the labor sinceopportunities will be available and there will be equal distributionof the jobs amongst all the individuals (More, 2010). The system maynot require millions of people working for long hours the whole week.There will be a plan showing the necessary jobs that will be requiredto make the availability of the necessities possible. The programwill highlight the number of hours and days each person is supposedto work to make these necessities available. The qualifications toprovide such necessities will also be made available. If the needsare taken care of, the occupants of the perfect society will focus ontheir families, friends, and interests. Anything discovered to beunsustainable or cannot be recycled will be ruled out.


Theperfect society will have the best conducive and friendly environmentfor its people. People will live in peace as there will be nounnecessary arguments and wars there will be no source of conflictthat will lead to wars. Everything will be aimed at making the lifeof people better. There will be no accidents and illness that willaffect the health of the population this is because there willproper and effective measures to avoid accidents and treat anysymptoms of diseases. The society will be free of pollution theenvironment will not be subjected to health hazards that have a highlikelihood of affecting its people in a negative manner. There willbe no hunger and no homeless people (More, 2010). Everyone will beleading a comfortable life. People will be organized and they willoften agree on most things that should be done and what should not bedone. There will be no criminals and the evil activities in thesociety will be a rare occurrence. This will be the society to livein since all individuals will be treated and equally and enjoy thesame facilities. There will be nothing much to work for since all thesociety needs will be easily available everything will be perfectand will go on as the society expects. There will be no objection toan individual’s ideas because the law will prohibit this. Any newidea a member comes up with will be accepted and will not besubjected to criticism. In this society, the leaders will have lessto do because everything will go as planned and they may only standin to help in case of a conflict, which of course will not beexpected.

Asociety that respects different societies and cultures

Thissociety will respect the core beliefs and values of every religion inthat society. Children will be brought up under strict beliefs andvalues that will enable them to differentiate the moral and immoralacts in the society. The society will teach its people the solidmorals at a tender age hence, they will grow up following the taughtmoral in a strict manner (More, 2010). The education system will addto this as it will teach the learners how to be critical thinkers bymaking proper application of these morals in their day to day lives.

Workingtowards a common goal

Peoplein this society will live in harmony and contribute towards a sharedgoal that will make their stay in the society comfortable. There willbe no conflicts that will arise because of resources, land andcapital because everyone will share a common goal. Besides, therewill be a holistic approach to solving the health issues of thepeople in this society.


Theperfect society is the best society to live in because most of theproblems facing the flawed society are not common in this type ofsociety. It is a society where there is a joint responsibility,respect for one another, and free of crimes and conflicts.


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