pet business

Agood business name is the benchmark and the footprint in business. Ittalks about the business and strikes out the competitors. Manybusinesses attract clients because of the strength of their name withtheir slogans. Competition can be warded off in the initial stage ofa business if proper techniques are used in the name and sloganselection. The value of a good name and slogan are infinite. A namewould at some cases niche the clientele base, create loyalty andprovide anchorage for a new business. A name is known to be of valueeven more than the assets of the business. A good name is worth somuch that altering it can make a business loss massive clientelebase.

Thebusiness needs an easy to remember name, it associates with thebusiness, protected, original and even trademarked. An error in thename choice and slogan selection can cause additional advertisingexpenses to the business. When choosing a name for the business,several factors need be considered. How many pet shops are there? Howlarge is the market for the pet services? What kind of income isearned by most of the pet owners? If the questions are adequatelyanswered then the business name can be arrived at. Some of the namesinclude:

PetsHive. A home where pets hide.

Animalparadise. Make it as happy.

PetsBet Arena. Where ALL your pets needs are met.

Petshive. Where pets hide. This is a catchy name to the audience. Oncethey see the name pet their interest in the subject would beheightened. They will want to know what next. The name hive is thetime-bomb here. A hive is known to be a source of honey. They willneed to try the services and ascertain the truth therein. The slogansays it all, where pets hide. A hive is an enclosure for their pets,this means safety to them. When safety for their pets is assured theywould readily invest in. The name would attract many clients becauseof the underlined strengths and source of safety. However, to the petowners who have had awful experiences with bees it may be another hadchoice. Not all people love bees and their honey. Caution needs to betaken if such cases arise.

AnimalParadise. Make it as happy. The name is promising. Paradise is knownto be a place of deep comfort and eternal joy. Everyone needs theirpets to be happy and joyful. A place associated with their petscomfort would be a huge relief to them. They would readily take theirpets there. The spiritual enlightenment and healing would be a handyskill in this job name and slogan. The major undoing in this would bethe religious affiliations of the pet owners in the area. Are theyMuslims or atheists? This is a fundamental and crucial question thatneeds to be answered. Additional research is needed to be done tomake an informed decision.

PetsBet Arena. Where ALL your pets’ needs are met. Another appealingname and equally is its slogan. An arena is known to be a point ofconverging. The pet owners may want to know more on this. The namewould trend in an area where the pet owners’ population issignificant. The area has a tremendous following for sports. Themajor drawback would be if they don’t follow sports and are arather conservative society.