High school comes at a very vulnerable age for majority ofschool-going children considering the fact that it is at this agethat adolescence has dawned on them profoundly. As a result, many ofthem tend to waver into experimenting in life, having fun and testingthe sweet waters of freedom that is slowly accorded to them. Thus,most find themselves messed up from engaging in inadvertent behaviorsthat leave a permanent mark on their lives even into adulthood.However, this does not necessarily mean that all adolescent childrenare victim to such a scenario since a considerable number are focusedon their studies and maintain proper behavior despite facing manychallenges within and outside of school.

Highschool science classes in particular have had a substantial impact ona number of students that leads them into gaining interest infurthering their studies in science-related fields such as medicineand pharmacology. Pharmacology is a sub-section of science thatpursues a greater understanding of how drugs impact the human body.In essence, the field attempts to gain insight on issues such as: Howdrugs create their desired effects on precise body systems how theyact at both molecular and cellular level how to keep their toxiceffects at bay and mechanisms that allow the body to protect itselffrom foreign material among many others.

Takinga pharmacology course in college or university allows an individualto pursue a wide array of career opportunities such as: research labdiagnostics in medical facilities service in the pharmaceuticalindustry Medical trial coordinators for either federal or stateagencies dealing with various drug-related issues Science educatorsin both secondary and tertiary level and Vocational study in sectorssuch as dentistry, pharmacy, and medicine among others.