Everything does follow from a contradiction. The contradiction ineverything one encounters emanates from the fact that it is subjectto criticism or how it would be perceived by others. An example ofthe same is when someone commits a crime in a particular place. It isthe duty of the prosecutor to confirm that indeed the person chargedwith the crime did the same. However, if the accused person providesan alibi that they were somewhere else, it would result in acontradiction.

Question two

Nothing interesting follows from a logical truth. It is evident thatin many instances when someone finds themselves in a situation,people like it when there is some exaggeration of some sort and failto take notice of the truth behind the situation. An example is thatin a scene of an accident, people would be more attracted tonon-facts related to the crash rather than the truth of the accidentitself.

Question three

Naturalistic fallacy tries to elaborate that the fact that anythingthat ought to be good based on the fact that it is natural. Itemphasizes on the fact that something is good because it is inferredto as being natural hence considered ideal. Moralistic fallacy is thereverse of naturalistic fallacy since it emphasizes on how things arerather than on how they ought to be. The difference arises from thefact that naturalistic is based on “ought to be” while moralisticis based on “how they are”.


The premise is

Aninternational organization was created just to address this issue.”


I know thatmany think the lights are wonderful, but when I first heard of, thensaw them, my spirits dropped considerably.”

Diagram ofargument

Concern for astronomers and non-astronomers

Cause death for the birds

Lights interfere with migrating birds

Bridge lights cause a horrific loss of life for our nighttime skies


The premisestatement is

It finallyhit me why building the Warriors arena was not a good idea…”

Conclusion (2)

It would bemuch better to locate it optimally for public transport…”

Arena is an indoor facility

It would be better to locate it optimally

It cannot take advantage of the bay view

Building warriors arena was a bad idea