Planning Mechanism



Forthe NAB business, the initial mechanism of planning method to beconsidered by the enterprise would be involving the area associatedwith human resource, economic forecast and technology. The three arethe areas that are most critical for the organization and withoutthem it can be hectic for the business to guarantee that it canachieve the laid down targets. Planning system concerning humanresource can help the organization to recognize the amount ofworkforce required for the activities involved in the production ofthe Juicy Fruit Beverage (Meade,2012). Inthis view, systematic funding and saving accrual can be significantin the development of the non-alcoholic product.

Foreffectiveness in the production of the Juicy Fruit Beverage, theprocess of planning needs to commence in the first year as it is thetime when there can be a possibility of telling whether or not thefirm will succeed past year five. Another execution is the standardmechanism for planning called the trump card that comes in the formof money to help in the success of the company (Meade,2012).For example, The California trade forums in Oakland can be a goodplace for an emerging business to obtain responses as well as contendfor the cash award of $100,000 and other prizes for the runner-ups inthe competition. As mentioned in the NAB portfolio of the Juicy FruitBeverage financials, the amounts reduce from the first place which isthe best case followed by the second position that requires the leastamount. This calls for extra funding from sources such as the trumpcard to satisfy the trends (Meade,2012).


Meade,J. E. (2012). Planningand the Price Mechanism (Routledge Revivals): The Liberal-SocialistSolution.Routledge.