Poem`s Point of View


Poem’sPoint of View

Finaljourney (Emily Dickinson- I heard a fly buzz – when I died1830-1886)

Forlong I hovered in the room

Attimes confused it for a tomb

Everythinglonely from the bed to the broom

AsI flied, tension in the room felt like it would consume

Theair in the room for sure spelled doom

Theroom was full of air

Theair was full of stillness

Allalong never opened my mouth

Myeyes, however, never drifted from the bed

Atthe bed things were not fine

Aroundthe bed many rivers were drying

Itwas becoming evident someone was about to leave

Eyescould not believe the pain at sight

Somuch for my little head to take in

Imust speak out my mind

Pindrop silence characterized the room

Breathsfalling as well

Donot leave, just live

Ibuzzed all over the room

Myeyes could not see her eyes

Movingtrain (I like to see it lap the miles by Emily Dickinson 1830-18860)

Allmy life I run

Throughgrasslands and forests

Elephantsraise their ears in greeting and warning

Thesun and moon all I see

Tothe mountains I run

Fromthe rivers I would wish to quench

Itis from tanks I feed though

Ileave some for a rainy day

Fromthe top of the hill I come

Thewind blows into my ears

Ihoot with joy

Homesweet home I come

Hereare the buildings

Withexcitement I run the more

Tediousit was

Nowsleep I must

(Artist Statement)

Iselected to modify Emily Dickinson poem I heard a fly buzz when Idied because she attempts to describe her situation in the moment ofdeath. In my fist creative piece, the subject matter of this originalpiece of work tends to describe a scene and the atmosphere thatsomeone is about to die and that the moment that someone dies. In thepoem, I heard a fly buzz when I died Emily Dickinson main point ofview is the situation that she is already dead and describes herexperience of dying. She talks of stillness, and silent in the room,as the center of the hurricane. She mentions a sound of a fly thatruns across the thick, silent air around her death. This provided mewith a clear distinction between the two poems and made to createflowing piece of work that related to her Point of View. In my poem,I establish and leave that image behind where I began to talk abouthow the situation was in the room that the death was going to happenin the next stanza. How the situation was, and how the thing was nothappening in the right manner.

Inmy second stanza, I describe the stillness and situation in the roomwhere things are not happening the right way. This is similar to theEmily Dickinson’s first stanza, where her primary point of viewdescribes the silent in the room before she dies as like the calmbetween phases of a storm. My third stanza is more the same as thesecond stanza as both attempt to describe people around my deathbed,so quiet waiting for my final journey. Modifying this work wasdifficult in the sense that I could not understand clearly thecentral point of view of Emily Dickinson. To overcome this, I had toanalyze the poem critically and understand the authors’ centralpoint of view. With achieving this, I was able to modify the song andcreate my creative piece of work that emulated the main ideas of therevised poem.

Inthe second poem, I describe or compare my life as the train thatalways runs across the landscape. Following Dickinson’s point ofview in her poem, I like to see it Lap the Miles she describes themove on of a strange creature, the train the moves across thelandscape. She admires the speed of the train and the power it posesas it goes through the valley. In my poem, as I move through thelandscape, I admire the nature and things like rivers, elephants,sounds, and mountains. Following the Emily’s Point of View, I wasable to modify her piece of work that gave me the opportunity tocreate a substantial piece.

Inconclusion, the use of point of view is vital in creative writing asit provides the writer with precise knowledge of the author’sintention. This will give the writer a chance to modify the work ofanother artist and successfully creates a creative piece of his orher work. Following Emily Dickinson’s point of view, I was able tocome up with an original piece that correlated directly to herpoems.