Point of View of Grendel


Pointof View of Grendel

Pointof View of Grendel

Onceupon a time there lived Hrothgar, the king of Danes. The powerfulking lived in Hall known as Herot. The place was unpleasant becausepeople living there were always exited and overjoyed. As a result,they made loud noise, which disturbed my peace. I lived in anisolated place, away from Danes under a cave surrounded by forests. Ilived in a quiet and well groomed environment. However, I hide myselfunder the cave crying in misery. My mother, who is also a non humancreature, was the only source of my comfort. The people of Danes didnot understand us. The reason why I killed humans was because theyalways disturbed my peace. Their celebrations in the Herot were abother to me. If they could avoid the loud noise, I would have noreason to hurt them. However, hey always provoked me by shouting atme. The cruel noise could hurt me, forced me to hurt them. Althoughmy intention is to make them stop hurting me, I end up killing them.King Hrothgar later realized that the noise from their celebrationsis what bothered me. However, a worrier named Beowulf was able toconvince the king to reopen the Herot. This brought back the noise.They made as much noise as they could, which provoked me. I killedall the men as Beowulf watched me. I later tried to fight Beowulf,but he was too strong for me to conquer. I therefore surrendered andrun to my mother. After I died, my mother tried to revenge my death,but she was also killed by the dragon and Beowulf. My aging motherwas not strong enough to conquer them.


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