Police Brutality


TheTuscaloosa Police Department and The University of Alabama PoliceDepartment incident on November 2, 2015

Thispaper beginnings by outlining a rough understanding of what amultisided argument means. A multisided argument is dialogue ormotion that involves a speaker’s or writer’s point of view abouta given ideology but also taking into account the opinions andgrievances of the listeners while responding to them accordingly.Information and Communication Technology (ICT) has become thebackbone of development worldwide. Right from the early time whencommunication was rather physical to the era of communication usingelectronic media. ICT, especially, in the social sector has becomepowerful as it is nowadays used as a platform for people to air outtheir ideas and grievances these include Twitter, Facebook, WhatsAppand other social media platforms. These platforms have evolved tobecome a necessity for people as they are used to communicateimportant information and also allow people around the world tosocialize in a convenient manner, hence, making informationdisbursement much easier, faster and economical.


Inthe Tuscaloosa Police Department incident, a police officer wascaptured on camera arguing with a student from the University ofAlabama. The officer was responding to an alleged loud music callthat was made by presumably, a disturbed neighbor. After a lengthyexchange of words, the argument went out of hand and the officer andhis counterparts, man, handled the three students in the apartment.The report below is going to showcase the incident and pointing outthe important dates and what took place by then, the networked claim,members of the alliance, their warrants and assumptions, how eachmember was pulled into the argument and conclude with an evaluationof the strengths and weaknesses of the networked argument(Addictinginfo.org).

Itall started on November 2, 2015, at around 9 p.m. When an officer onpatrol received a message on his walkie talkie and entered anapartment for a regular inspection when he heard loud music from anapartment on the upper floor. The officer ordered the student at thewindow to come outside, but the boy refused. Therefore, the officeclimbed the stairs and knocked on the apartment’s door. A studentresponded and the officer ordered him to come out, but the studentrefused. The officer was captured on camera firmly holding the handof a student and forcefully trying to pull him out of his apartment.Two voices were heard coming from the room, a female a male.Meanwhile, the officer had notified his colleagues of the samesituation. The female was heard shouting at the officer trying tomake him let go of his mate, but the officer remained adamant andrefused to explain to them why he is forcefully vacating them fromthe apartment (Addictinginfo.org).

Meanwhile,a student was captured in the background witnessing the drama. Thestudents are willing to respond to the officer’s questions on thecondition that they are in the house, but the officer assumed theirplea and continued to engage with the student attempting to pull himout. The officer told them that they are under arrest but when thestudents asked for the arrest warrant, the officer ignored theinquiry. The engaging student complained to the officer forforcefully trying to enter the apartment without permission, but theofficer insists on arresting them, unquestionably, giving no reason(s). After a lengthy exchange of words, the officer finally decidedto forcefully enter the house and pull the boy out, simultaneously,the other officers arrived and dragged everybody out of theapartment, and one of the boys was pushed to the floor and struckseverally with the officer’s nightstick (Addictinginfo.org).

Whenthe head of the department, Mr. Anderson heard of the scene andwatched the video footage, he felt disappointed and immediately gavethe involved three officer leave on duty, pending investigations(AL.com). Matthew Gimlin Macia, 22, Johns Creek, and Ga were arrestedon charges of obstructing governmental operations and resistingarrest Brandon James Williford, 21, of Tennessee was arrested oncharges of obstructing governmental operations, harassment andresisting arrest. Caroline Elizabeth Giddis, 22, of Tennessee wasarrested on charges of obstructing governmental operations andharassment. Anderson then assured the public that they were going todo an exhaustive and thorough investigation, therefore, requestingfor their patience. He also pointed out the need for more training tohis stuff on handling such matters because he had a reputation toprotect for Tuscaloosa police department after working in there fortwenty-one years, he therefore urged the residents not to be afraid,but to communicate with Tuscaloosa Police Department, citing thatthey may not always be right but they are there to help and protectthem (KSLA.com).

Inthis incident, the networked argument is rudeness this is evidentwhere we see the student being told to get out of the room thenrefusing and prompting the officer to climb the stairs to physicallyremove them. The officer appears to act rude when he is asked on thewarrant of arrest and why he wants to enter the apartment without theoccupants’ consent. The members of the alliance are three studentsverses the three officers. The three students are Johns Creek,Brandon James Williford and Caroline Elizabeth Giddis. The officersin question had twelve, eight and two years in the Tuscaloosa policedepartment (AL.com).

Firstly,it began as a petty argument with the eight-year experience officerordering the student to get out of the apartment in an unfriendlymanner, from the video footage and the pictures on the website, themale student arguing with the police was identified as Matthew GimlinMacia. When the officer pulled Gimlin, Elizabeth started to shout asBrandon helped to pull Gimlin back into the apartment. When the otherofficers arrive, the officer at the door forcefully enters theapartment and the other officers drag the other two out (KSLA.com). With all that is observed in the website, you will notice a number ofvideos uploaded to the site showing every bit of what transpired inthe scene. It is important to also note the comments section at thebottom of the page, here you can have a feel of the public view onwhat they have seen and read in the video. These just show howpowerful ICT has become in our modern day, with the installation ofbody camera videos in the officers clothing made the investigationprocess mush easier. Additionally, another the lady had recordingwhat had happened. It is therefore, clear to notice the role of ICTin networking warrants and standards of evidence, that is, forinstance, the video evidence is a very strong evidence that willenable investigations to become much easier.


Ofcourse, I am entitled to my own opinion on what I heard from thevideo and these are my recommendations. First, I would like tocompliment Chief Anderson for his composure and consistency duringthe press conference where he tackled all the questions with a bitprofessionalism that is what it takes to be a leader, someone whocan instill confidence in his people, the Tuscaloosa PoliceDepartment is privileged to have him as their leader (WBRC FOX6News). However, the communication bit of the networked argument didnot impress me, I believe that at times people have to disagree toagree, but this should be done in a diplomatic manner, policeofficers should be polite to the public so as not to instill fearamong the public like Patrick Weaver, a student witness to thehappenings, from a nearby apartment. This is evidenced by his quote“I`ve always been taught to respect authorities, but I believe thatrespect should be extended” (Addictinginfo.org).


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