Professional Paper Worksheet Template

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ProfessionalPaper Worksheet Template


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Item Instructions

Type your answers below

Approved Paper Topic (from Week 1 Assignment):

Clearly state the Nurse of the Future Nursing Core Competency topic that was approved as your topic in Week 1 Assignment.

Communication, Teamwork and Collaboration

Page numbers in Hood textbook on your topic:

Clearly state page numbers in Hood textbook that correspond to the selected topic.

Reference for Journal Article:

Create a reference for the article selected using correct APA format including: authors, year, article title, journal name, volume number, issue number, page numbers, italics, parentheses, punctuation, line spacing, and hanging indent.

  1. Wauben, L. S. G. L., Dekker-van Doorn, C. M., Van Wijngaarden, J. D. H., Goossens, R. H. M., Huijsman, R., Klein, J., &amp Lange, J. F. (2011). Discrepant perceptions of communication, teamwork and situation awareness among surgical team members. International journal for quality in health care, 23(2), 159-166.

  2. O`Leary, K. J., Haviley, C., Slade, M. E., Shah, H. M., Lee, J., &amp Williams, M. V. (2011). Improving teamwork: impact of structured interdisciplinary rounds on a hospitalist unit. Journal of hospital medicine, 6(2), 88-93.

  3. Ajeigbe, D. O., McNeese-Smith, D., Leach, L. S., &amp Phillips, L. R. (2013). Nurse-physician teamwork in the emergency department: impact on perceptions of job environment, autonomy, and control over practice. Journal of Nursing Administration, 43(3), 142-148.

  4. Lyndon, A., Zlatnik, M. G., &amp Wachter, R. M. (2011). Effective physician-nurse communication: a patient safety essential for labor and delivery. American journal of obstetrics and gynecology, 205(2), 91-96.

Quotation with Citation:

Type a quotation (10–25 words) from selected article using correct APA citation including quotation marks, authors’ names, year, page numbers, and parentheses. Do not use words or ideas the authors cited from another source.

“Other team members might be discouraged to speak up because of traditional hierarchical structures, authority, social barriers or differences in professional training and responsibility” (Wauben et al, 2011: 164)

Paraphrased Area and Citation:

State location in article of area to be paraphrased (paragraph and page number). Type appropriately paraphrased version using correct APA citation including authors’ names, year, and parentheses. Do not use words or ideas that the authors cited from another source.

Location: 2nd paragraph on page 164

Paraphrase and Citation:

The success of the surgical procedure tends to be influenced by the communication, teamwork and collaboration. However, not all of these aspects will work as expected in determining the success of the team. Wauben et al (2011) insist that the communication is often a problem especially where one is supposed to acknowledge that he or she has committed an error since their profession is about perfection. Some of the team members might feel more superior to the others and even devalue the suggestions they might offer in the course of the surgical procedure. In the end, even teamwork might end up being a problem because the responsibilities and hierarchy structure will interfere with the collaboration and communication of the team.

Professional Paper Outline:

Develop outline for professional paper including introduction, 2 main topics, and conclusion (all with excellent subtopics as required on Template). Excellent detail and depth used.

  • Teamwork, communication and collaboration are essential aspects of a team in that is working together since it guarantees the success of the team.

  • The nursing profession often encourages the exchange of information and consulting before implementing a treatment procedure. Evidently, communication, teamwork and collaboration are essential aspects of the process.

Successful implementation of teamwork, communication and collaboration ensure the success of a team in a hospital unit.

  • Effective communication helps team members collaborating effectively creating a successful team.

  • Teamwork arises when the team members decide to communicate and collaborate effectively.

When the team members let pride, hierarchal structure and powers in their heads, they will fail to coordinate effectively making communication and collaboration a bit difficult.

  • Often, the hierarchal structure makes the team leaders feel superior and devalue the suggestions of the other team members.

  • When the communication and collaboration in a team fails, teamwork will also fail in the end.


  • In conclusion, teamwork, collaboration, as well as communication, are essential aspects of a team that is working in a hospital unit since it helps them to the success of the task they are undertaking.

  • Without those aspects considered, a team in a hospital unit is more likely to fail instead.

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