Applicationof Artificial Intelligence to replace human beings


ArtificialIntelligence (AI) can be applied to replace the work done manually byhumans. As an engineering student, artificial intelligence is one ofthe most popular topics for us to research and discuss. What’smore, artificial intelligence is also the tendency of technologydevelopment. To learn more about artificial intelligence, I decide tochoose this argument as my project topic and for making my researchmore precise, my project focuses on the replacement in industry. Artificial intelligence has proved to be a significant component inthe current developed world and has found huge application in anumber of fields including aviation, computer gaming industry, themanufacturing industry as well as the communication industry. Thisresearch proposal seeks to find ways of replacing human beings withartificial intelligence.

Nowadays,artificial intelligence is widely used in our daily life. In recentyears, simple applications of artificial intelligence in industry areshared and healthy for people. Many kinds of the manual, high-riskand complex work are replaced by artificial intelligence application,such as robotic arms. It is thus advisable to apply Artificialintelligence to replace human beings in some areas. Artificialintelligence is advantageous to man since it can be used in a variousways to substitute human beings. Some of the areas that it AI hasfound application include the gaming field. In game playing, one canpurchase a customized game such as the chess that can play againstthe people at various level including the master level. AI is alsoused in speech recognition. Speech recognition has found wideapplication in the aviation industry where it is possible to instructthe computers using speech rather than via the keyboard. AI is alsoused in computer visualization. Though the computer cameras aredesigned to visualize in 2 dimensions, some programs have beendesigned to over partial 3-D which is useful in computervisualization.


Nowadays,technology has been increasingly advancing from time to time. Thishas made more devices to be developed to replace manually done jobs.A human being, gets more tired and easily as compared to the machine.The research has presented clearly that machine is very accurate.They are also fast and do not get tired of the case of human being.Artificial Intelligence abbreviated as AI is a field that has beenput in place to curb this problem. For instance, some of themachines designed in this field are the Robotics. Robots can work inplaces that humans cannot. Since it is not in order for activities tostall simply because a person is fatigued, then it is necessary toemploy human intelligence particularly in industries. This will notonly enhance the output but also improve on overall efficiency.Through artificial intelligence the error rate will be reduced.

Inthis project, the aim is to develop a device that can help man dothings fast and accurate. This will reduce errors made by a humanbeing and increases productivity.


AIhas been effective in application in various fields such as aviation.Since human beings will tend to get fatigued in the course of theiroperations, AI can chip in to solve the problem. AI is more reliablethan humans and not as prone to error as humans are. Though theremight arise an aspect of intellectual error, it is believed that AIcan produce an accurate model. There was a supporting analysis thatassisted in the development of the provision of the most crucialinformation about how a proposed design will perform, but an analysisdoes not produce a model since there must have been previously designed for a discussion to be performed.


  • To design and implement an artificially intelligent device that will have enough capacity to replace a human being in the design and repair of mechanical part of the machine. This will increase the productivity of the work in mechanical engineering field.

  • To explore and machine learning methods such as improvement expectation to determine the involved parameters

  • Though evaluation techniques, the project aims at using an object detection to benchmark data set.


Myproject is a research essay about artificial intelligence, focusingon whether artificial intelligence can replace human work inindustry. Based on Russel and Peter’s book, I have basicacquaintance about artificial intelligence, which is the intelligenceacted by machine or software, acting humanly, thinking humanly,thinking rationally and acting rationally (Russel &amp Peter 2010).There are lots of researches done on the application of artificialintelligence. For example, Guo and his/her partners made a researchon the application of artificial intelligence in the apparel industryand claimed the limitation of the application of four categories,which shows the weakness and further development of artificialintelligence (Guo et al. 2011). On the other hand, Haidar and hispartners show us the application of artificial intelligence inMalaysian electrical power system, especially for vulnerabilityassessment with index, method and result (Haidar et al., 2010). Thatcan be a relevant resource providing the efficiency improvement ofartificial intelligence application. Furthermore, Sousa`s articleprovides another area of artificial intelligence application, whichis the application in risk assessment of sewer condition. In hisresearch, the use of artificial intelligence makes improvement inrisk assessment, such as improving efficiency, reducing labor cost.

Basedon the references and literature above and further resources, thereare enough materials for me to work on this topic and complete myresearch. With these resources, my research has both active andnegative sides of the replacement of artificial intelligence, whichmakes my research more substantial and convincing.


Variousmethods will be used to carry out the research on the application ofArtificial Intelligence (AI). Some of the methods that will be usedto collect data are questionnaires, interviewing mechanic and peopleworking in the various departments in the field of mechanicalengineering. The interviews will mainly be aimed at specialists inthe field of artificial intelligence. The output from the interviewsand data collected through questionnaires will be incorporated withthe secondary data collected from books to ensure that the researchis a success.


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