Proposed Law Letter Assignment

ProposedLaw Letter Assignment

ToSenator Jack Latvala



Supportin the Rejection of the Bill HB 307 Relating to Medical Use ofCannabis (2016 Session)

` BillHB 307 Relating to Medical Use of Cannabis (2016 Session). The billrevises requirements for the physicians that order low-THC cannabis.It provides the conditions, provides the penalties for forsaking thepenalties, and provides the lists of doctors who order low-THCcannabis or medical marijuana and receive compensation from thereceiving dispensing organizations are subject to disciplinaryaction.

OnMonday, February 29,2016, a debate in the Capitol by senators overexpanding the medical marijuana laws, to allow for patients andchildren suffering from intense seizures, to use the drug low inhigh- inducing THC to let incensed growers sell full- strengthmarijuana to terminal patients. This supported by Sen. Rob Bradley,R-Fleming Island, the sponsor of the legislation (SB 460).

Itis very wrong for the other Senators to use the children`s plight asa disguise to expand the number of people producing and supplyingmarijuana in Florida. The front is all about the making of moremoney by these groups of people, and the health of those who use theproduct is not of top priority.

Thelaw states that if the farmers need to expand they could do sothrough other means for example through applying for licenses butnot by using the sick as a scapegoat to hide their true intentions.It is our thought that the move to amend the laws will do more harmthan good to the people it intends to help. Young kids will beseverely affected if the marijuana is used in their treatment. Thespecial children in question, in this case, have already been helpedto seek more help from the government. Please refute these claims.


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