PSY-470 Peer Review Worksheet Unit


PSY-470 Peer Review Worksheet


PSY-470 Peer ReviewWorksheet

Pleaseprovide quality feedback to your peers that will help them to improvetheir writing skills. This worksheet will assist you in providingthat feedback.

Nameof the draft’s author:Michelle Freemon

Nameof the peer reviewer:


Afterreading through the article review one time, write a summary (threeto five sentences) of the review that includes yourassessment of how well the review meets the assignment requirementsas specified in the Article Review Guidelines.

The review meets some of the guideline requirements very well but not so well for others. The implications of the research, arising questions, and the answer to whether unwilling patients should get treatment are all well answered. However, there is no clear personal position and thoughts about the paper. Furthermore, except for citations, there is no clear indication of how the article relates to the text which can be viewed to be either in agreement or disagreement. Again, there are punctuation, subject-verb agreement issues and citation issues including lack of page numbers in some quotations.







Aftera second, closer reading of the review and a brief look at thearticle, identify how this article will help support your side of thedebate.

Three things that will support our side of the debate:

  1. There is an emotional reward in helping people overcome their challenges. Psychologists help people overcome and deal with their mental and emotional struggles in a humane professional manner that medical practitioners may not provide.

  2. Opportunity to earn more and work with new people every day. Handling different types of complications offers ne learning opportunities as well as offering psychologists chances to specialize and work with fellow professionals.

  3. Solve medical mysteries. Psychologists may hold the key to addressing major mental health disorders and challenges that have troubled medical practitioners through alternative treatment methods.

Two things that may not help support our side:

  1. Dealing with clients can be stressful and draining. Psychologists specialize in assisting people deal with mental and emotional struggles and the same can be a source of stress on psychologists physically and emotionally. Sometimes, psychologists have to deal with patients who are not ready to be treated.

  2. Relatively high reported cases of wrongful diagnoses in psychological disorders. Such cases of wrongful diagnoses are unethical and can lead to legal prosecution as well as violation of professional codes.