Drug absorptionin the body depends on various factors such as the route ofadministration, solubility of a drug, blood flow and supply, andgastrointestinal motility. Other factors include food and otherdrugs, the formulation of the drug, exercise, pain and stress, andthe pH (Preston, O’Neal, &amp Talaga, 2013).

Intravenousadministration of drugs enables delivery in large amounts. It alsoensures 100% bioavailability. However, oral administration results inincomplete delivery of drugs. IV administration requires theexpertise of specialized personnel. On the other hand, oraladministration is relatively easier since it does not requirespecially-trained staff (Preston, O’Neal, &amp Talaga, 2013).

The first passeffect refers to the passage of drugs through the liver beforeentering the systemic circulation. Bioavailability is the percentageof medication that reaches the systemic circulation. Therefore, thefirst pass effect reduces bioavailability. An IV or IM route ofadministration guarantees 100% bioavailability since the drugs bypassthe liver (Preston, O’Neal, &amp Talaga, 2013).

Sublingualadministration of drugs involves placing the medication under thetongue so as to undergo absorption by the body. This route ofadministration has several advantages. Firstly, sublingualadministration bypasses the liver, thereby resulting in a higher rateof bioavailability than drugs prone to the first pass effect.Sublingual administration of drugs also leads to rapid absorption(Preston, O’Neal, &amp Talaga, 2013).

Mylanta is amedication that treats the symptoms of acidity such as acidindigestion, heartburn, and stomach upset. Mylanta has aluminum andmagnesium properties that serve as antacids. This medication works byreducing existing acidity rather than preventing the production ofacid. Psychotropic drugs refer to medications that affect mood andbehavior through altering the chemical levels in the brain. Mylantacan interact with the phosphate and sulfonate components ofpsychotropic drugs to change the chemistry of the blood. Interferingwith the normal body pH has far-reaching effects on the body withregards to absorption of nutrients (Preston, O’Neal, &amp Talaga,2013).


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