Purpose of Research

Purposeof Research

Purposeof Research

Theessential information that should be found out about the IronRidgecase is to determine the primary causes of air pollution.Contamination of the atmosphere comes from the emissions from thevents of the factory. This emission is usually worse especially whenthe vents do not have installed scrubbers that can clear the exhaustfumes, or the vents do not have filters. These foul emissions containtoxic chemicals, smoke particles and even some biological compounds.When these elements are released into the air, they cause airpollution. The effects of air pollution affect human beings, animalsand the environment in general. When human beings inhale suchsubstances, they eventually develop respiratory issues. Thesebreathing problems include persistent coughing, blood in sputum andcongestion that makes breathing difficult and or painful. Therespiratory effects tend to be short-term that is usually treatable,or long term, which can cause asthma or even lung cancer. A fullanalysis of how the air pollution and its profound impacts have to bedone (Stern 2014).

Thetype of research involves several aspects that include thedescriptive part, which mainly will try to explain and explore moreinformation about the air pollution at IronRidge by giving additionalmaterial to the underlying issue. This section of the study requiresin-depth clarification that will create a deeper understanding byfocusing on facts only and no guesswork. The explanatory bit of theresearch will give an insight of the causes and impacts of the airpollution. This part helps the people taking the study gain theknowledge of what is happening. The predictive section of theresearch will look into the future situation if the air pollution isleft to continue or what will happen if the air pollution is stopped.The prescriptive part of the research helps in providing workingsolutions towards the problems that face IronRidge (Yin, 2013).

Thebest databases that can contribute to the study and evaluate theissues of air pollution at IronRidge should be independentenvironmental agencies. Examples of these bodies include World HealthOrganization, Environmental Protection Agency and the United NationsEnvironmental Programme. The reason for choosing these independentagencies is because their data will have no bias and they will reportthe situation using facts.


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