Qualities of A Good Caddie

Qualitiesof A Good Caddie

Qualitiesof a Good Caddie

Iam writing this letter to express my sincere reasons and intereststhat drive me to seek for a job in the Detroit Golf Club. My name isAnn, and I am passionately interested to work as a caddied in thisprominent golf club. Caddie position is a profession associated withcarrying golf caddies and golf bags for the golfers (Canfield 1999).

DetroitGolf Club is one of the best golf clubs I have come to know and thisremains the club of my interest and Caddie job has always been mypassion.

Ifully comprehend all the rules and the etiquette of a golf club andthis being my interest, I have engaged indirectly with the club by asa spectator and as a trainee. As a am a team player, it will be anadded advantage to the club as I work efficiently with other golfersand I do understand golf as a game. I have the potential to mark thegolf balls on the green and ensure that there is a perfect control ofthe group. I have the knowledge to measure the length of the yardfrom the permanent markers.

Havingall these qualities, I feel this position is right for me, and I amconfident that given this chance, I will bring positive implicationto the Detroit`s golf club.


Canfield,J. (1999). Chickensoup for the golfer`s soul: 101 stories of insights, inspiration, andlaughter on the links.Deerfield Beach, FL: Health Communications.