Question 1




NASAobjective of exploring and acquiring scientific data of the solarsystem beyond the neighborhood of the outer solar system led to thelaunch of voyager interstellar mission (NASA,n.d.).The two voyagers 1 and 2 are evident to be exploring regions that hadnever been so explored. Having travelled since 1997, they areconsidered to have gone far off from the sun and earth than Pluto(NASA,n.d.).For instance, voyage one explored interstellar space an explorationthat is considered historic.

Ofgreat importance is the scientific revelations brought about by thisexploration. Through it, active volcanoes of Jupiter’s moon wasdiscovered notwithstanding the details of Saturn’s ring revealed(NASA,n.d.).The exploration went a notch higher with voyager 2 making a historictour of Uranus and Neptune. Since the two crafts are still relayingscientific information through deep space network (DNS), scientistsare hopeful of more discoveries in the future.


Jupiteryoung planet and water from comets have been a rich source ofinformation in relation to the solar system (NASA,n.d.).The planet discovered by Gemi Planet imager is thought to be 20million years old, according to astronomy standards, it is consideredan infant planet. This planet has enriched our knowledge deeply(NASA,n.d.).Apart from having presence of water and having the potential ofpointing to how the planet was formed, it in itself is young thus isbelieved to be instrumental in explaining its own formation andconsequently lead to the understanding of how giant gas planets arecreated.

Overthe years, theories were developed explaining the origin of theearth. Lately however, that comet is a source of water has also beena favored theory. In 2011 a team of astronomers armed with Herschelspace observatory observed and published on an ocean like-water onthe comets (NASA,n.d.).As such, a surprising debate that there is no clear explanation andcertainty as to how water got to the earth has been opened up.


Withthe above debate, it is without doubt that in-depth research anddiscoveries will be made. Consequently, our knowledge on the solarsystem will be greatly enriched.


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