Reading Response 2

ReadingResponse 2

Inlight of this statement, it is true that the strong are capable ofdoing anything while the weak have to accept whatever that may comeon their way. Taking a closer look at the states that have power incomparison with the ones that have less power, it is found thatstates that have more power have higher survival chances than theones with lesser power. Having power means that you can get what youwant through force or the use of threats. All states whether withmore power or less, have a core national interest of survival. Stateshave different interests but if their existence is under threat, theinterests may not be realized.

Everystate should work to ensure its security because this is what willenable it survive according to the spirit of realism. States thatdepended on others for their security like Ethiopia and Kuwaitencountered challenges that made other nations believe on theirsecurity. From the film, Machiavelli says that today’s friend canbe an enemy in the days to come. To enhance own security, statesshould try to build up their military arms though this may not beenough for weak nations and they fall victims of depending on thebalance of power. The balance of power by weaker states is dependenton stronger nations to help the weaker nations enhance their securityin case of any possible threat.

Forexample, looking at the war between Athens and Sparta, theinternational issues in politics were given weight, and the cause ofthe war can be attributed to the growth of the power of Athens andthe fear that Sparta developed. It can be concluded that Sparta’ssurvival was threatened by the escalating power of Athens. Spartastarted a war for it not to be vanquished by Athens and Athens aswell had to preserve its empire.