Recommendation letter




Towhom it may concern,

Itis with pleasure that I recommend this student for the opportunity tolearn in your esteemed institution. As a professional in game studio,I feel delighted that your institution is guiding students towardsthis important field. During last summer, this student worked for mein a group with other designers as a freelancer. From the onset Icould see that he is very talented in design and also he can workeffectively in a team setting. I was greatly pleased with her talent,her willingness to work on any project as demanded by the projectsand her diligent efforts were important to my business. Consideringthat he is already very familiar with the work and we know hispassion for the field, I strongly believe is a logical choice to walkinto your institution. I have seen him come up the ranks and havebeen impressed by his final choice of taking this course. It was sadto see him move into college and have to drop because he was not goodin a writing course but I was even better impressed when he finallyrealized what he wanted. I believe that now he is in a place where herightfully belongs and will benefit immensely from the curriculumoffered in your college.

Hehas experience in various platforms including illustrations,sketching, painting and displays among others. He is particularlyskilled and passionate about gaming. He sees a problem in a work ofart and gets an artistic view of how to correct it in order to makegaming better for users. He is proficient an all the latesttechnology and developments in most design software and inparticular, he is always eager and ready to learn a new skill. Hisexcellent eye for details is one thing that impressed our customers.In my view, myself and the rest of the team that he has worked withhere know that he will be a fit to your curriculum as he is alreadyway ahead of his peers and he is still a work in progress asexemplified by his eagerness to learn. His adaptability to newsoftware and new ways to approach a problem is what an institution ofhigher learning would pride itself in developing as well as tappinginto it.

Alongwith her technical and creative capabilities and skills, he has atalent in presentation and marketing. Some of the customers that weare maintaining in the moment were lured by his skills in this field.He has an infectious personality and boundless energy to match histechnical and creative abilities that are important in a student.Gaming is a fast-growing field with boundless platforms that it willbe expanded as technology will permit as hall outlines. Gaming and ingeneral art, is something that I created and consumed withassociation with others(Hall, 2008).His eloquence and presentation skills come in handy in the field thatthe technology has to be explained to the end user in a manner thatis attractive and understandable. In a way, he is a good link betweenthe technology and the end user who is you and me.

Ihope you will consider his application to the art school so that hecan pursue his dream in game studio.


Hall,J. (2008). XNAGame Studio Express: Developing Games for Windows and the Xbox 360.New York: Cengage Learning.