Reduction of Hospitalization and Re-hospitalization by Managed Care Organization


Reductionof Hospitalization and Re-hospitalization by Managed CareOrganization


There has been a substantial research on matters relating tohospitalization and re-hospitalization due to sepsis. In this paper,various factors relating to the management of the medical conditionis extensively analyzed with the primary aim of determining the useof care management programs to offer the expected solutions. As such,the paper is divided into four sections to facilitate easy andextensive analysis of the factors under consideration.

The first part of the paper focuses on foundational work. Numerousconcepts are produced at the initial phases of the study. The projectidentifies opportunities and problems that are inherent in theprocess as well as ways through which the project was completed.Additionally, the study identifies the role and influences of theprincipal stakeholders. They include customers and the nurses amongadditional other players in the project.

The implementation phase of the project focuses on the theories thatare to be used to accomplish the desired objectives. Additionally,this phase identifies evidence that is used to support the project.An important concept in the completion of the project is thecorresponding leadership qualities exhibited by the interdisciplinaryteam. Cultural factors are also taken into consideration in thisphase of the project.

The evaluation stage involves the identification of outcomes as wellas the criteria for evaluating the outcomes. The significance of theproject to the stakeholders is also considered as an importantcomponent of the study. Nursing competencies is also included as ithas a substantive influence on the achievement of the desiredoutcomes. The final section of the project is based on analysis andconclusions. This sector analyzes various factors such as themeanings of scholarship, lifelong learning and innovation. Theproject concludes that reduced hospitalization and re-hospitalizationis likely to improve quality of care for residents and hence savemoney.