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Any form of amental, emotional, or physical factor that results in any bodilytension is defined as stress. In the past, various methods have beenadministered as a form of releasing tension until recently whenpeople have begun recognizing the health benefits of applying amassage, one of which is minimizing the adverse impacts of stress onthe human body. The realization made people know that massages arenot only for relaxation but for are equally good to heal some healthconditions.

Mindfulness coloringand massage chairs have, in the recent past been very experimental inthe reduction of the effects of stress among people. By just allowingsomeone to switch his or her brains from all the other thoughts andinstead focus on a single moment, color mindfulness exhibits thepotential to reduce any form of anxiety that is likely to causestress to an individual. Studies have further indicated thatmindfulness coloring is of particular importance to people who arerelatively uncomfortable with a variety of other forms of art.

The main reason as to why massage chairs were introduced in the1980’s was to emulate the techniques and the varied motions of anactual masseuse. Additionally, the primary function of massage chairshas always been to reduce muscle tension, relieve stress as well asto alleviate the back pain. The therapy techniques of the massagechair, which resemble those of the shiatsu and the Swedish massage,are aimed at patting, sweeping, and rotating movements in all theparticular parts of the body to reduce tension, which is solelyresponsible for stress. Therefore, it is evident that bothmindfulness coloring and massage chairs are suited for the reductionof stress among most people.