Reflection Paper Words




Inthe chapter, the author presents the idea of individuals becomingagents of social change (Loeb 2010). According to the author, manyindividuals fail to act on individual impulses, but what they do notunderstand is that most individuals have become agents of socialchange through encountering many failures as well as successes forinstance, the author gives the story of Arun Gandhi and how he wentthrough failures and successes in becoming an agent of social change.


Iagree with the writer about individuals having the feeling of wantingto pursue more. It is an inbuilt feeling that all have. Individualsare always striving to make themselves better. It is on thesefeelings that all try to attain more. Individuals have an innervoice, and it is until the circumstances outside or in theirenvironments change that the voice is activated. Like in the case ofGandhi it was until he moved to South Africa and saw how people wereoppressed that he took his stand and declared his feelings publicly(Loeb 2010). The family members emerge to be important contributorstowards the abilities of an individual in case they offer support,one gains the courage to face all odds. On the other hand, in casethey do not support an individual, he/she ends up gaining low selfesteem and even fear to come up or develop any other ideas. I believethat it is mostly because of the support that Gandhi’s grandfathergave him that made him become an agent of change. The father showedhis dedication to his son’s education by his will to sacrifice thefamily’s material possessions in order to take him through school(Loeb 2010). It must have been such a great sacrifice giving up land,jewelry and anything of value. Gandhi therefore I suppose, faced somuch of this pressure to work hard this was his greatest motivatortowards becoming an agent of social change. It was an unseen push tomake him better and greater at what he did. However, I disagree withthe notion that people are not inspired by the stories of those whohave acted for change. When people read about how change was foughtfor by mentors, they get the feeling of how hard it would have beenfor them to come to such lengths as achieving freedom. It is throughtheir struggles that the problems are overshadowed and get thecourage to overcome challenges.


Ithink that it is also through showing man that there are greaterbattles to be fought in future that give him motivation to fight thesmilingly smaller batter before them. Such stories are greatmotivators because in comparison problems become smaller and muchmore manageable. This is very applicable to personal case, wherethrough the inspiration I received from my own brother and father, Iwas capable of pursuing education to become a counselor. I use thisposition to help make people realize the much needed change in theirlives. This new information is critical since it has an impact on thethoughts and beliefs that I have in a positive manner. I would usethis information in ensuring that I pursue more in order to become anagent of social change that burns in me towards the people living inthe community as well as individuals in home country andinternationally.


Loeb,Paul. R. 2010. Soulof a citizen: Living with conviction in challenging times.New York: St. Martin`s Griffin.