Reflective Essay



Iam a registered nurse currently working as a school RN and a nurse inhome health. Working with the community has increased my perceptionon how to work with clients within a community setting, a factor thathas enabled me grow professionally.

Myrole as a school RN and home health nurse has helped me demonstratemy professionalism through appearance and personal behavior. Eachmoment that I deal with patients has been a learning experience.Energy morning after taking my breakfast, I gather all my workingtools such as stethoscopes, blood pressure cuffs, nursing handbooksand note pads. Prior to any appointment with the patient, I have toengage in simple moment of relaxation to help me remain focused andalerted. The school’s policy dictates my attendance in schoolswhile in home health I have to follow my dairy for the appointmentsbooked (Young et al., 2015).

Mymost memorable moments are the experiences I get when working withstudents and community, especially the interaction with juniors andseniors from different religious and cultural background. Learningevery culture is quite challenging though it is advisable that thenurse be prepared culturally in order to be able to give care topeople of diverse backgrounds with diverse practices and needs. However, despite of some challenges like learning peoples’ cultureand gaining the confidence of my clients, I have gained a lot ofknowledge though my interaction and communication with people. I havecome to realize that patients get more open and accept me when Iidentified with them culturally and demonstrated some form of respectand patience(Starkowski,2013


Theacceptance by community has increased my confidence when conductinginterviews, trainings and assessments to the people. I have realizedthat for one to be effective, then you cannot work alone teamwork iscritical. Therefore, I always sought the assistance from mycolleagues, professor and other members of staff when creatingflyers, posters or organizing for trainings. My colleagues have beeninstrumental in helping me make healthier choices(Luker, Austin, Caress and Hallett, 2000).

Communicationis very important for any nursing practitioner. I have been able tocommunicate effectively with different people from diversedisciplines using various strategies on health needs of both thefamilies and individuals within the community setting. I haverealized that communication is the backbone of nursing and is vitalwhen conveying messages to people. I make use of the therapeuticcommunication skills to gain the attention of people, especially whengiving emotional advice. I make use of simple and short sentenceswhen communication to people so as to avoid instances of frustration.I ensure that I use appropriate communication channels and maintain aprofessional appearance, direct eye contact and display a good bodyposture when communicating with people(Starkowski,2013


Imake use of computer lab at the school in conducting my research aswell as collecting and compiling data. I ensure that I useevidence-based practice when creating the training programs anddocumentation to update people on how they can empower themselveswith techniques of disease prevention and health promotion. Aftertraining people on health matters, I evaluate them by making themre-verbalize or demonstrate what was taught. I ensure that everyperson has my contacts so that they can contact me in case of anyinquiry, clarification or any other form of assistance(Luker, Austin, Caress and Hallett, 2000).

Ihave assumed a responsibility for continuous learning by taking theinitiative to learn and understand policies and issues related withcommunity nursing. I always engage in self-reflection that helps meshare my experience with my peers and professor. I have greatself-respect for my own beliefs and practices especially wheninteracting with people from different religious and culturalbackgrounds. I have learnt that as a nurse working with people in thecommunity, there is great need to work independently when interactingwith people (Young et al., 2015).

Ihave come to understand that the economic, social, demographic andpolitical forces have adverse effects on delivery of health careservices in schools and amongst people in the community. The changesin healthcare financing have had adverse effects on community healthand related practices. Additionally, the limited resources hindersany nursing professional from providing adequate healthcare servicesto people, especially the poor and minority who are vulnerable to allforms of disparity. The negative effects of the existing economicstatus have been so apparent when I listen to the people I attend to.Some express dissatisfaction with the decision of the medicalpractitioners of changing medication due to incapacity of theirinsurance covering the diseases and disorders they suffer from.Therefore, I have realized that I have the capacity to make adifference by advocating for policies and practices that supportpeople and promote health in our communities(Luker, Austin, Caress and Hallett, 2000).

Inconclusion, I believe that my role with community is challenging andat the same time very rewarding. It has provided me with anopportunity to make bring a smile to someone as well as make adifference in people’s lives. My clinical experience have broadenedby perspective on various factors affecting people’s health, andmost importantly, the special role of nursing in promoting health aswell as fighting against diseases.


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