Religion and Theology


I would respond by informing my friend that in ten thousand years wewill not be alive. The Earth will be filled by a totally newgeneration as all the people alive today will have died. By death, itmeans going into a deep sleep. Death is compared to sleep, because anindividual becomes unconscious, unaware of passing time or whathappens in ones surroundings. Hence, in ten thousand years, all thecurrent human generation will be unconscious where they never wakeup. As a Christian, I believe that when people die in ten thousandyears, our souls will not die. The soul is immortal, meaning itcontinues to be alive even when the body dies (Wallace, 2014). Oncedead, the soul remains alive as we wait for judgment day. This meansthat we will only be physically dead. Also, as a Christian, I believethat by dying we will be in another world, having gone to meet ourcreator.

The reason for saying that we will all be dead in ten thousand yearsis because according to the World Health Organization (2016),the average life expectancy was 71 years in 2013. This means that noone in the current generation can live for all the thousands ofyears. Also, the life expectancy is expected to continue decreasing.I expect that the argument will convince my friend as anon-Christian, since it is not based on my religious belief. Thereason for saying that our souls will be immortal is because theBible makes it clear that when we die, it is only the flesh that isgone (Wallace, 2014). Our soul remains alive. Also, because webelieve in judgment day, our souls have to be alive.


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