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The title of the research paper is “The collision of Populationgrowth, aging, and Sustainability”. The paper seeks to address theissue of the ageing population and the growing population withregards to sustainability considering the dwindling resources. Thecentral thesis for the paper is that the increasing ageing populationas well as the increasing population growth cannot be sustained bythe dwindling natural resources in the world. The paper also arguesthat the ageing population and the increased population affect theclimate as more people seek to compete on the available resources.

The paper’s findings indicate that the demographic factors ofpopulation growth and ageing population contributes immensely to thedepletion of natural resources hence hampering sustainability. Theresearch found out that population growth exerts pressure on naturalresources in a bid to seek survival (Dalton et al. 3). Urbanmigration exerts pressure on the little resources found in urbancenters. The research also found out that population increase and theageing population leads to climate change. The depletion of naturalresources as a result of the high usage leads to climate change.

The conclusion of the paper calls upon countries across the world tohave a balance between economic growth and population growth in orderto have sustainability. Developed countries have ensured that theirpopulation is checked so that it does not exert pressure on naturalresources. However, the developing countries are having enormouspopulation growths and therefore they must ensure that theirpopulations are checked (Dalton et al. 4). The conclusion statesthat population growth has lead to numerous problems such as reducedaccess to water, food, security and other social services. Managementof resources of resources is paramount in order to safeguard thefuture of the next generations.

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