Research Paper on Boston Red Sox Winning Prospect in 2016

ResearchPaper on Boston Red Sox Winning Prospect in 2016

TheBoston Red Sox are a professionally developed American baseball teamand a member of the American League in the East Division. Institutedin Boston, the team is known for its winning streaks in the 21stcentury especially given that its win in 2013 World Series made itthe first team to win three trophies in the World Series. The teamwas very dominant in the new league until it suffered one of thelengthiest championship droughts in the history of baseball for 86years. Moreover, the team has fared below par in the American League,although it has managed to defeat major teams such as PittsburghPirates. However, the team’s past has been characterized by theability to perform superbly in the World Series. Their deep rivalrywith the Yankees, perhaps the severest in American sports has enabledthe team to become a dynamic competitor. Given its past winningstreaks and competitive nature, the team will be a major force in the2016 series. The Red Sox team will be in the 2016 World Series due totheir pitching, relievers, and fielding.

Thepitcher has to agree with the catcher before throwing a pitch. Thepitcher in Boston Red Sox is encouraged to hold the ball in theirglove before starting a motion. In this way, the ball is in a stableenvironment hence when the body begins to move the pitcher candirectly throw the ball to the catcher. Communication with thecatcher is imperative in that the participants must be cognizant ofeach other`s action (ESPN 159). Such a communication aspect allows ateam to become competitive. Moreover, this communication aspectallows the pitcher to embrace different types of pitching such astwo-seam fastball. In this technique, the pitch is slightly slow andinaccurate than a four-seam. This is because the ball is held in thegrip along seams with an index finger. The baseball teams spend moretime practicing how to pitch with a catcher. The addition of velocityis a means of success embraced by the teams of American League teams.

Ateam trying to get to the World Series needs a pitcher with a goodarm. A strapping arm is important to the pitcher in a baseball team.The reality is that most baseball players need to have a good arm,most importantly an asset arm rather than a liability arm. The arm ofa player can discontinue or allow a player to move to the next level(ESPN 158). The significance of a well-conditioned arm is that it candetermine the capability of a pitcher to throw the baseball as wellas allow a guided impetus, which gives a team a competitive edge.Moreover, a well-conditioned arm allows a pitcher to maintain andutilize other relative skills.

Apitcher has to throw a variety of pitches to get the better out. Itis important to train an individual on how to pitch in differentdirections. This is because the players need to be diverse in thedifferent forms of pitching. Learning different types of grips isessential in making a good pitcher (ESPN 159). This trainingfacilitates both the pitcher and the catcher to be aware of diverseskills in pitching. Techniques such as forkball, knuckleball areindispensable during training as they allow the players to getattuned to a real competition.

Relieversplay an important role when major league team is trying to get to theWorld Series. The long relievers in baseball pitching are importantto enable a team to achieve progress into the World Series (ESPN158). The team emphasizes on the high participation of the relieverto enable it to advance to the World Series. Relatively, the relieveris expected to enter the innings of a game in baseball. The longrelievers in the team add an advantage to the team in that they canextend their activity in the game when the first pitcher is unable.Long relievers of the team can get the game under control, and hence,they become important in the progress of the game.

Theteam relies on the relievers to close the game in their favor.Relievers in baseball are the source of success in a baseball game.The long reliever in the team is the point of the team`s success dueto their ability to save their fellow relievers from pitching. Theteams depend on the relievers who are inexperienced in pitching (NewEngland Sports Network 159). This is because the inexperiencedpitchers are prospective starters on the team. The reliever isexpected to be effective in the category of starters as timeprogresses. In the Boston Red Sox team, the long reliever enters thegame in the eleventh and sixteenth innings, which enables the team tobe hopeful on the success of the reliever.

Fielderswith good skill and ability are valuable for aiding the pitcher.Fielders with good skills in baseball game often add an advantage tothe pitcher. This is because the pitcher depends on the fielders tomake a perfect pitch. In the team, fielders are trained withprogressive abilities to enable them to become well. Every fielder inthe baseball team is a resource hence the win or lose of a gamedepends on the training given to the fielders (New England SportsNetwork 159). The baseball team emphasizes on the training of thefielders to enable them to succeed in their games.

Ina team, there are four infielders, plus three outfielders. In abaseball team, a utility player can play from different positions.They are occasionally functioning as catchers as well. In the BostonRed Sox team, there are outfielders. In this regard, they playoutfield position, which is essential to the game as well. The othercategory of a player is the pitcher and the position player. Theyboth participate in playing the same role in the game. The Bostonteam has major players in their teams. In this sense, they haveutility infielders who play in the infield positions. The utilityoutfielders are characterized by playing in three outfield positions(New England Sports Network 159). A player might be delegated toperform two different duties in the game. The utility players in theteam usually come from the bench but not absolutely.

Normally,the fielders with better skills are strategically placed in thecenter of the field. In the normal depth, the fielder is positioneddue to the playing percentages. The range of the player increaseshence they need to react to the change in percentage (Doyle 158). Ina double goal, the motive of the game is to achieve a double goal. Inthis relation strategic positioning of a player ensures that theplayer achieves the intended goal. Under some circumstances, a teammight want to retain more options in a game after playing (Doyle,159). The team ensures a player is strategically positioned onto thebaseline. When there is a player who is a slow runner, the otherplayer can provide backup. When the ball is hit up, the team ensuresthat it has a double play.

Theoriginal mission of a baseball Society is to foster and establish aprecise historical record of baseball. The team has developed throughstages of growth and ensured that it creates a history of talents aswell as allows team members to advance their potential. As the teamcontinues to grow, the mission of the Boston Red Sox remains to be amission of every member. The Boston Red Sox are renowned forconscience and great capacity for the sport.


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