Response to Organization`s Performance Measurements

Response toOrganization’s Performance Measurements

Response to Organization’s Performance Measurements

Withinan organizational setting, there is a need to measure consistentlyperformances to monitor progress and operational success. Havingstudied the precise, performance measurements within an organizationare based on the crucial aspect of an improvement strategy. Here,performance drivers are identified but do not quantitatively measuresthe performances to shade light on the specificities of theorganization`s products and services. Zwikael &amp Smyrk (2012)noted that a measurement is a tool that assists in understanding andimproving what an organization does other than simply focusing on theperformance drivers.

The prompt also compares the development of organization`sperformance measurements since the 1980s up to today. What thesegradual changes do is to identify the organization`s inadequacies tomeasuring performances. Of importance here is to note that thesemeasurements not only isolate set initiatives, as is seen in theprompt but also integrate the organization`s feasibility, assisted bythe managers, to offer proper guidance to get poor performances backon track, according to Zwikael &amp Smyrk (2012). Since the promptonly focuses on the benefits of these integrated performancemeasurements, instead of also evaluating the end results.

The prompt also takes utmost caution regarding failure to carry outmeasurements on an organization. Here, there is a contradictionbetween emphasis is placed on the need to carry our performancemeasurement, and at the same time, cautions on the expensive natureof the operation. Statistics showing that for every 25,000person-days spent on planning and measurements, over $1 billion isspent (Pierre et al., 2009). In such a case, the best managementapproach encouraged, according to Iqbal &amp Kureshi (2016), wouldbe to have an organizational performance pattern to oversee asustainable practice.


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