Rhetorical Analysis Sexual Assault in Colleges

RhetoricalAnalysis: Sexual Assault in Colleges

Ano contact order is the first step that institutions take in a bid toserve as an interim accommodation for the person that reports theassault. This no contact order is made between the victim and theassailant accused this is one of the ways that institutions use tocurb sexual assaults among the students. Freedom to learn and teachis some of the conditions that are critical in a learningenvironment. Sexual assaults in campus have been on the rise andthey continue to be a pervasive health issue among college studentswhich makes it of high importance. Being one of the most commonissues today in colleges which is clearly not managed in an effectiveway, it has caused instability not only to the victim but also to theother students, school administrators and the distinct schoolcommunities.

DaveGilson article 1in 5 Women is sexually assaulted in college. Just 1percent of attackers is punished, is the article I have chosen and itwas published on 3rdDecember 2014. The main aim of this article is to show us how realsexual assaults are and that the authorities and other role playersin this health issue should start putting in more efforts to curb theproblem. This article is of utmost relevance as compared to theother in the same topic as it goes an extra mile of providingstatistics as to the sexual assaults. The article shows us that mostof the assailants go unpunished due to the reluctance that theauthorities have in taking action against them as well as the issuebeing treated as not so important. In Dave’s article, some criticshave said that…”it is too bad to be true”… referring to adrunken gang rape incident that happened at a Universities party.

Thearticle calls for national attention to the sexual assaults problemsin the colleges it tries to show us that this is no longer theinstitution’s problem alone and calls for the Medias and policeintervention. Though sexual assaults are governed by the policy andprocedures of the institution, the same should be made more stringentand also make sure that action is taken against the perpetrators. Most women who are assaulted find it difficult to disclose theincident this is because in most instances the assailant involved isan acquaintance and not a stranger. The reporting is done so muchlater that the perpetrator may have assaulted several other women.

Incolleges, men are also victims though they are not at a high risk ascompared to the women. In this regard, this article’s crucial aimis to show us how the assailants of the crimes go unpunished givingthem a leeway to commit others in the future as well as making iteasy for others to also commit the crime. The article uses statisticsfrom studies and research conducted in the colleges to show the trendof the sexual assaults. The studies show that sexual assaults reportsare seen as something that is part of the communities. Dave providethat in one of the surveys an expert said that..” the depressingreality is that UVA’s situation is likely the norm.

Formthe wording, the author’s target audience is definitely theauthorities in institutions, state authorities as well as thedistinct Colleges communities. For instance the fact that Daveaddresses the issue of the perpetrators of this crime goingunpunished and the fact that the even at the UVA where the women goto report these incidents no action is taken. Instead, theirreporting is seen as something that is normal. These reactions aredepressing especially coming from the same people who are supposed tobe protecting the women, this makes them lose hope and confidence insystem as a whole driving the victims to do the unthinkable includingrevenge tendencies or even suicides.

Thearticle’s tone is academic given that it wants to make everyoneaware of the fact that sexual assaults are serious and that theyshould be taken in the same weight. Public and professionalunderstanding of this heinous crime should be progressive and notregressive in such a way that students in these institutions will notlive in fear. This way, the environment will be conducive forlearning. The article reacts to the reluctance of sexual assaultsvictims’ not getting justice in this regard, most sexualassailants go unpunished making them have the strength to commit thenext assault because there is no action that has been taken againstthem. The article makes us aware of the fact that these are seriouscrimes that need our attention as much as any other serious crime.

Themost important paragraph is the second paragraph which shows theauthorities reluctance in solving the issue. The UVA is where thewomen should be relying on as a refuge with hope of being restoredbut it does not help. The key words include UVA and norm womenreports on sexual assaults are treated as a norm thus does not act onthem. The author put this phrase at the beginning of the article tocatch the readers’ attention.

Inconclusion, this article is critical in spreading the awareness onthis issue it brings insights of what is happening in ourinstitutions and it is effectively written passing on the message toits audience. For a person who wants to have understanding sexualassaults in campus and how it is managed, then this article is a goodstart.


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