Safe Haven Annotated Bibliography

Nicholas Sparks an American-born writer who has eighteen novels underhis name. Haven is one his bestselling novels. The author introducesKatie a character is abused by her husband who works as a detective.His drinking behavior results to domestic violence, and it is themain reason his wife decides to leave him and assume another name inSouth Port in North Carolina (21). The relationship between Katie,Alex and Jo is proof that she is sociable and finds it comfortable toget along with others.

The author also depicts her as hard working. After finding a cottagein South Port, Katie gets a job at a seafood restaurant, and shebecomes friends with Alex, the owner of a grocery store. The authorarchitects their relationship in such a way that Katie comes to likeAlex’s to children. Gradually, their relationship moves from beingcasual to intimate (52). Sparks are also careful to ensure thatKevin, Katie’s husband does not learn of their relationship beforethe two become intimate.

Sparks, also present a third character, Jo, who supports Katie’srelationship with Alex. Unknowing to Katie, Jo is the ghost of Alex’swife who had died a few years back. It is also striking how Katiefalls in the hands of a man who can protect her from Kevin. WhenKevin finds out where Katie lives and attacks her, Alex, a formerinvestigator in the army comes in to help. He shoots Kevin in frontof Katie, and a safe haven is created (339).

The method used by Sparks to write the novel elicits various themesof love, violence and redefinition of one’s life. The novel is apractical example to explain how these forces combine to constructsuch a romantic piece of work.

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