Selective Attention

The two videos are very informative on the aspect of selectiveattention. After watching them, the conclusions that they arrive atlay insight on several issues that can affect people in their dailylives. First, listening can make us deaf and blind. In the firstvideo, the viewer is supposed to count the number of players wearingwhite clothes (Simons). The statement makes the viewer blind toanything else that happens in the short game. For example, one cannottell the number of passes made in the game. Also, in the game, thereare players who are wearing black shirts, but one does not payattention to them. As they make passes, there is a gorilla that joinsthe game from one end and exits the group from the other end wearingblack attire. The opening statement bars the viewer from all theseactivities. Selective attention, therefore, results in a lot ofignorance of what is going on in the surrounding as people are busyconcentrating on their objective (Simons) According to the movie,very few viewers can get the correct number of passes made in thegame.

In the second video, The Door Study, the innocent man givingdirection is blind to the person asking for direction. Heconcentrates on the opening statement, and he is busy givingdirection when the characters switch. Selective attention, therefore,restricts the mind tone activity and eliminates the room for otheractivities going on in the environment.

Secondly, selective attention makes it difficult to identify factorsin the environment that can have a direct effect on the outcomes ofan activity. For example, in the first video involving players makingpasses, it is obvious that the aim of the game is not to showcasetheir attires. It could be to make a certain number of passes beforea given time elapses. If the passes made by the players in the gamewere to be counted, it could have been affected since the golliratouches the ball (Simons). However, with selective attention, one maynot have a comprehensive view of an activity, and it is possible tomiss some of the crucial parts. In the Door Test, giving direction isthe main activity. However, it involves giving direction to the rightperson. Giving the right direction to the wrong person would notyield desirable results.

Also, selective attention makes it almost impossible to identify whenchanges occur in the environment. One can result in making anineffective decision after realizing that everything apart from theone they have been focusing on has changed. It is also difficult toidentify the distraction that affects the main activity. Forexample, when the gollira joined the team, it would not distract theparticipant from counting the number of players with white jerseys.Also, in the Door Test, the person giving direction does notrecognize that the character he is speaking to is not the one he hadmet initially. Selective attention, therefore, puts people in achallenging situation since any activity involve more than onesupportive actions. A change in any of the primary action affects theoutcome.

I agree that with my ethical antennae raised, I can detect anyethical issue in my work rather than giving myself to pleasing myboss o to achieve a given production quota. Not everything that myboss will say or recommend will be compliant with the work ethicsthat surround my career. Sometimes, bosses strive to ensure that thecompanies remain productive, and they can even exploit the existingworkforce to achieve the objectives. For example, bosses may employ afew employees to perform a task that should be performed by a biggerworkforce. Concentrating on what the boss says may impede myperception of the workforce as small and continue working hard toplease the boss. Also, concentrating too much on the production quotamay make me blind to the production process, the workload or thenumber of hours I spend in the workforce. It may also be sources offear to avoid annoying the boss or making the team lag behind in acompetitive environment. However, with my ethical antennae raised, Iwill look at the influence of other supportive factors to the mainactivity and pick up issues that are compliant with the work ethics.

From the videos and ye heed to keep an eye on all the factors in theworkplace, a comprehensive approach that brings togetherprofessionalism and ethics would be appropriate in any activity. As aprofessional, I will deliver high-quality outcomes. Ethicalconsideration will ensure that I will not be subject to any form ofexploitation or undue influence without paying attention to thedecisions made by my seniors. It would be morally and ethicallycorrect to resist any form of extortion and under-performance.Professional ethics act as a check on behavior and performance. Iwill, therefore, need very minimal supervision to remain productiveand compliant with the rules that govern the workplace.


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