Sexism and feminism are two distinct but closely related words used in description toda

Sexismand feminism are two distinct but closely related words used indescription today. The idea of sexism is described as the fullcontrol of a woman towards a man. It is the act where women want torule over their men by taking full control over every circumstance.This can be observed by the reactions and the means with which theduo handle their problems. On the other hand, feminism is the idea ofequality between men and women. This includes things to with housechores to payment and better treatment in the places of work.Shakespeare, in his book “Taming of the Shrew,” includes somescenes that could bring confusion in the two ideas. The discussion ofthese acts could bring the difference between the two definitions andthe exact one that Shakespeare implied in the writing.

First,Katherine is seen in several cases speaking her mind out and notready to be controlled. Her marriage with Petruchio faces someproblems owing to the difference in ideology and understanding. Inthese cases, Katherine does not insist that her way should beaccepted but tries to reason out with the husband. During thisperiod, male chauvinism was high and women were expected not tospeak. The decisions of their spouses were to be taken as the finalone and this was the idea that Shakespeare tried to address in hisbook. The intelligence of Katherine was unprecedented. She couldeasily beat men of her age in reasoning and this was taken in thewrong way. The writer of the play is trying to push for feminism andnot sexism. There is an expectation of proper treatment from both menand women without favouritism from a single gender (Jonathan 87).

Secondly,Bianca is portrayed as being manipulative. From her parental home,she tends to have ways of dealing with her father and from this, mostof the things that she wants she always finds a way of getting them.After being married, she uses the same techniques on her husband andin most times, she has most of the say. The whole play has differentscenarios and the portrayal of the sexist parts of the writer. Havingan ability of using different methods of manipulation to control whatshe wants brings about the idea of being shrewd and not being asexist. In this case, Bianca is not a feminist but a sexist (Barbara51).

Lastly,Katherine has said no to selection of the spouse by the father. Shebelieves that she can get the best man according to her dreams. Onthe other hand, Bianca trusts her father with the responsibility ofhelping her choose a suitor. From this scenario, Katherine believesthat she can get the best spouse by herself. Since she can getherself the best spouse, she may have not need a completely trust intheir father for that. His brings an idea of Katherine having anindependent mind brings the idea of feminism in her. All she wants isthe ability to make own decisions without interference (Keith 34).

Inconclusion, the play by Shakespeare brings a clear definition of afeminist. The writer was trying to bring in the salience of having amixed environment rather than one dominated by men alone. Women werestudying so in the near future, there would be scramble for power.Accepting the position of women as equal partners would be necessaryearly enough.


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