Short Story Paper Analysis


ShortStory Paper Analysis

Pointof View

From“thesomebody”,the narration point of view is the first person major. I believe thisis the type of narrator in the story because the main character inthe story offers the narration. This can be indicated throughdifferent instances in the story, where the main character provides alot of information to the audience as he tells his story. Forinstance, the story indicates that “I hate to brag, but that wasthe best work I have ever done in all my life”. This shows that thenarrator in this case, who is the major character, gives the storyconcerning his life. Even in the first lines of the story, thenarrator introduces himself and lets the audience know about him inthis case the narrator introduces his name, where he lives and whathe does.

Reliabilityof 1st Person Narrator

The1stperson narrator in the story can be indicated to be unreliable. Thenarrator seems to be affected by his past experiences, which arelikely to make to some of his arguments not accurate thus,unreliable. For instance, the narrator first introduces himself asChato however, the audience comes to learn that this is not his realname that he was given by his father. His past experiences with hisfather make him give the audience another name rather than his realname. Also, the reason why I decided that this is an unreliablenarrator is because he tends to act based on the experience heencounter for instance, he indicates that “I cruised on down tomain street like a ghost in a graveyard just to prove I’m alive”.This makes the narrator unreliable.


Theaudience in the story is closed because the writer does not allow theopinions of the readers to affect his opinions or his writing. Thisis a critical idea because the narration offered in the story cannotbe altered by the opinions of the readers. My implied audience isindividuals who are born within the urban setting at a talentdiscovery gathering, and my purpose is to motivate them not to go bythe gangs on the streets but focus on their talents because this canmake them to become what they desire in life.


Thecentral theme that is recurring in the story is that of heroism. Inthe start of the story, the narrator intrudes the reader to his name,which he loves so much and indicates that he writes it almosteverywhere. The idea of heroism comes in here because the narrator,who is the main character, indicates that he dropped from school andhad joined a gang that he associated himself with. However, he prideshimself on being a writer. It is apparent that through his writing,he has become somebody. Thus, heroism can be indicated as the centraltheme in the story.

Settingand Social Context

Thisstory is considered to take place in an urban setting (Eastside inthe old Los Angeles) in the United States of America. There was noparticular year when the story was told, but the story happened whenMexican-Americans were discriminated against and oppressed by thesociety. During the time, the Mexican-American community was nottreated equally compared to the whites and the family members ofMexican-American families were not close to each other.