Similar to Manatee School for the Arts High School, my mission is to


excel academically, which I deem as a good foundation towards myprofessional achievement in future. Manatee School will provide mewith an opportunity to advance my education through its strongacademic program. I think that integrating arts in every courseoffered at the school is an effective way of enhancing the creativityof students. Arts encourage students to be inventive, to come up withunique ideas, and find solutions to problems on their own.

While many schools in the United States have altered their curriculumto focus more on subjects like mathematics and reading, I preferManatee School because it has included arts as a core subject in itscurriculum. Lynch (1) explains that arts are important in enhancingacademic development. This is because art education reinforces theability to solve problems in addition to critical thinking skills.While creating new things, students are required to choose and decideon what to create. For instance, a student may be required to make apainting and given the opportunity to choose what to paint. As such,the student must explore and decide on something unique to create.Hence, in the process their critical thinking skills and capabilityto find solutions to problems enhances. I believe that with suchskills I will be able to perform well, not just in arts, but in myother favorite subjects.

My favorite subjects are science, math, US history, cartooning andcomputer graphics. Some of these subjects, like math and sciencerequire a lot of reading and practice for one to grasp the concept.At times it becomes boring and frustrating to have to read the samething again and again without understanding. That is why I want tojoin Manatee School, where I will use the arts course offered toimprove my understanding of other subjects. According to Prey (1) inan article published on the significance of arts, a study of arts isan effective way for students to develop analytical skills. Theanalytical skills can be utilized in studying other subjects, whichmakes it easier for students to understand. In addition, I believethat Manatee School will enhance my cartooning skills through themany arts courses I hope to undertake.

After my college education, I want to become a computer engineer.Such a career requires one to have an advanced level of study. Thisis why I want to study at Manatee School, because part of its missioninvolves ensuring that students have an advanced level of knowledge.A career in computer engineering means that I will have to completecomplex tasks. My foundation to ensuring that I am competently ableto solve such tasks is an academic background that enhances my levelof thinking. Hence, I desire to join Manatee School which I see asthe most relevant school in line with my professional aspirations. Bystudying arts, I will be able to experiment, explore, invent andimagine which will act as the basis for high-level thinking (Baruth1).

I am hopeful that I will be selected to join your school. It is aschool that challenges students to think on their own and becomecreative. Through the integration of arts in every course, it hasbecome possible to motivate students to become achievers (Henry 1). Iam confident that the school will provide the cornerstone I need tobecome academically and professionally competent.

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