Spectrum Sunglass Company Analysis Part I Setting the Strategy


Part I: Setting the Strategy

Product Innovation Role

The role chosen is the Product Innovation Role. It is chosen on thebasis of the individual who has a greater direct impact on the newproduct to be created. Reasons for choosing the role include the factthat the director of product innovation is the individual responsiblefor coming up with the new idea. In addition, the director of productinnovation already has a plan on how to implement the new idea, avision and strategy that is anticipated to be successful in a periodof two years. The director already knows fellow colleagues that willsupport the idea and those that will refute. Hence, it is easier forthe individual to select the team to work with in implementation ofthe new initiative. Last, the director of product innovation hasalready identified the activities to be undertaken in implementingthe organization-wide sustainability project.

Vision, Mission and Strategy

Vision – the vision for Spectrum Sunglass Company comprisesof three particular objectives. The first is to do away with 25% ofwaste through redesigning of the manufacturing procedure (HarvardBusiness Publishing). Second, is to achieve a 15% reduction ingreenhouse gas emissions in order to achieve environmentalsustainability (Harvard Business Publishing). Last, is toinvent a new product line solely founded on environmentally benignmaterials.

Mission – the mission is to use the most suitable change levers inpersuading a huge number of Spectrum personnel to accept the newinitiative. In order for the new initiative to be successful, it isvery important that employees are willing to put effort inactualizing it. Hence, it is necessary to convince the greatestfigure of adopters within Spectrum by using fewer resources.

Core strategy – the core strategy involves demonstrating changemanagement skills via an online simulation in my product innovationrole at Spectrum Sunglass Company.

SWOT Analysis


By creating sunglasses that put into consideration the environmentalconcerns of target customers, Spectrum benefits from becomingrecognized as an organization that is environmentally conscious.Hence, this is likely to influence more customers to buy fromSpectrum, because customers also want to be associated with a companythat is environmentally friendly.

Product differentiation is another anticipated strength (Drury,2008). Competitors’ products focus on pricing and design. Byfocusing on sunglasses that are environmental friendly, Spectrum isable to differentiate its products from those of competitors. Bymaking the company’s products greener, Spectrum will appeal tocustomers of all ages, tastes and prices, which resonate to moreprofit for the company.

The new initiative calls for a redesigning of the manufacturingprocess. Once successful, the redesigning will eliminate 25% of thecompany’s waste produced during manufacturing of its products(Harvard Business Publishing).

Customers are increasingly expressing their concerns about thecompany’s environmental effect (Harvard Business Publishing).By creating a product line, which is solely based on environmentallybenign materials, Spectrum will be able to minimize its current levelof greenhouses gases to the environment. The outcome is that Spectrumwill become recognized as an environmental friendly organization,which will counter concerns about its environmental impact.


Sunglasses have a restricted pricing flexibility. Despite thepossibility that the new initiative will present the company asgreener, price is a very important factor in the sunglass business.Customers may recognize the difference in a product, but are stillreluctant to purchase a highly priced product.

The new initiative has never been tested before. In addition, itrequires a change in the product process at Spectrum, which as the VPof Operations notes, will increase the costs of raw materials anddisturb current production flows.


Other companies in the sunglass business focus on price and design,which has also been the case for Spectrum. There is a ready marketfor products that are greener. The new initiative opens up anopportunity for Spectrum to benefit from selling the green products.

The new initiative is an opportunity for Spectrum to differentiateitself from other sunglass companies, as an environmental friendlycompany. This is because through the new initiative the company isable to redesign its processes and products and make them moreenvironmentally sustainable.

Spectrum currently uses fossil-fuel as its energy source. The energysources increase the amount of harmful gases released to theenvironment during the manufacture of the company’s products.Creating products that are greener is an opportunity for Spectrum tosubstitute its fossil-fuel energy sources with those that arerenewable.


Other companies in the same business have not yet created productsthat are greener, as anticipated by Spectrum. However, competitorshave a tendency to pick such a trend fast and also begin themanufacture of greener products. Competitors are likely to pick thefeatures of new products resulting in a threat to the company’sproduct differentiation strategy (Miltenburg, 2005). Hence, thecompany faces the threat of competitors.

The company’s general counsel has made it clear that such aninitiative exposes the organization to unwarranted legal risks(Harvard Business Publishing).

The increase in the costs of raw materials, and changes to theproduction flows threatens the success of the new initiative. Assuch, many employees in senior position are likely to feel that it isunwise to proceed with the new initiative. Thus, there is the threatof lack of support from fellow employees.


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