Stakeholder Mapping



Stakeholder mapping remains to be a fundamental aspect of any givenorganization based in the manner in which it depicts the role playedby each of them. It is the process of identifying the stakeholders ofthe organization, visualizing them and prioritizing them (Frynas &ampMellahi, 2015). Their placement into a map allows for thevisualization of their contributions to the organization. As theemployee of a Class Three medical device manufacturer, the primarystakeholders identified include:

Food and DrugAssociation

It is a regulatory authority that provides guidelines through whichmedical device manufacturers have to adhere to when carrying outoperations. The FDA is a crucial stakeholder because failure by theorganization to adhere to the regulations it has outlined may resultin the closure of operations of the company (Hunter, O’Callaghan &ampCaliff, 2015).


The professionals utilize the devices that have been manufactured bythe company. They are crucial stakeholders because their opinion onthe effectiveness of the methods used influences the manufacturingprocess of the devices. The company has to meet their demands when itcomes to how they would like the products to be made.


The agencies are fundamental to activities carried out in the firmsince they authorize operations as it impacts on the environment.They are of significance since if they do not approve of themanufacturing process, activities in the company will come to a halt.


Employees are actively engaged in the manufacturing process in thefirm. They are crucial to operations of the business since they arethe ones involved in the creation of products released to the market.They have a hand in the manufacturing process making them primarystakeholders.


The devices manufactured by the company are used in the patients. Theefficacy of the devices used on the patients will determine whetherthe company will have to improve on the devices manufactured or notmaking them crucial stakeholders (Forrester et al., 2015).


Local communities are directly affected by activities carried out bythe firm. The community has to be engaged in activities undertaken bythe organization making them crucial stakeholders especially when itcomes to the image of the company towards them.


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