Starnes Brenner Case

StarnesBrenner Case

StarnesBrenner is a tool selling company situated in a small Americancountry known as Latino. The company has the sales office, which hasbeen headed by Frank for the last ten years. The time came for Frankto retire and someone else took the mandate. Bill has been the salesperson and was recommended to be the next person in the office.However, Frank would not just leave the office but would take aperiod of eight months to show Bill all the regular customers andprepare him for the takeover.

Frankhas been a performing sales manager, and made the company acquire alot of resources. All the same, he would not follow all the policiesthat governed the business especially those which did not favor him.Due to this, the company has been trying to change him, but it wasdifficult since he would perform and he had a lot of knowledge on theforeign market. On the other hand, Bill is an internal person in theorganization, and that makes him a preferred candidate to replaceFrank. The management required him to learn most of the uniquetactics that Frank applied to bring in many profits.

Despitethe sales manager bringing in much profit and the fact that thecompany dealt with the overseas operation, bribing was not an issuein Latino but was illegal in other states, and this is a majordisadvantage. The favorable factors are that paying a little fee forlubrication purpose to get things moving was legal under the foreigncorrupt practices, and that would help the company, but the problemis that Bill would not be able to bribe due to his nature of beingtransparent and honest.

Asa marketing manager, I would advocate for total modification of thefirm to fit and adapt to foreign markets. I would utilize theinternational marketing programs, which work towards strategies toaccomplish the marketing goals. By implementing global marketingstrategies marketing, product, pricing, distribution and promotionalstrategies would be adapted accordingly.