Structural Frame Analysis

StructuralFrame Analysis

StructuralFrame Analysis

Inthe organization, the structural frame reveals the communication andlabor division and conflict management in the organization. In Stoverindustries, communication with Chris Cunningham is the major problemin the organization. In the same situation, Chris is an importantperson in the industry due to his ability to make profits throughsales. However, the lack of effective communication is enough concernsince ineffective communication results into conflict, low employeemotivation, diminished productivity, and skewed employmentengagement. Furthermore, ineffective communication within anorganization inhibits employees or the management to communicatedesired success factors or desired structural changes. In fact,without effective communication in an organization, industry is notcapable of achieving its desirable results (Goetsch, 2011). ElizabethStover, the owner of the organization, is faced with a problem ofsolving the conflict within the organization. The situation becomescritical to the company’s development in that Chris is asalesperson trusted by the company in making more profits, yet he isthe cause of some of the problems in the organization. Furthermore,it is worth noting that sales are not the only determining successfactors hence, the need to cultivate structural changes especiallyin communication.

Withoutaddressing the problem by Chris, Stover risks the confrontation bythe other stakeholders of the organization. A casual observer may notsee the development of the conflict in this situation due to thecomplexity of the case. Chris has a lot of drive needed for thesuccess of the company, yet he is the cause of the same problemsexperienced within the organization. Stover feels that Chris is aperson who is needed as a top-notch performer of the company andwould probably be the best salesperson. Due to the aggressive natureof Chris, his gets his prorates for urgent orders done very fast.This creates a concern among the other employees because they feeljealous due to the form of treatment they receive from Chris. Suchconcerns should be addressed amicably and forthwith to ensure thatall employees stay aligned to the strategic approach of the company.The interaction between Chris and the Engineering departmentconcerning the development of new designs has also generated heat inthe company. In most occasions, conflicts are useful to enable anorganization to achieve more progress (Goetsch, 2011). In this sense,the correction made out of a mistake should enable the employees tolearn from the mistakes of one another. However, Chris does not seemto correct his mistakes even after several reports have been madeabout him to Stover. A company not matter how small it is cannotdepend on a single person, and all employees should endeavor tointeract effectively across all departments. Chris may be a goodsalesman, but he needs to realize that other employees are part ofthe success story he claims to cultivate.

Theelement of the structural frame, which may not be visible to allparties in the Stover industries, is the redesigning ofresponsibilities. In Stover industries, responsibilities of eachemployee are not clearly defined. Job descriptions and managementshould define a company’s drive since without clearly defined rolesa company cannot sustain growth. For example, in the case, Chris hasengaged in another person’s work within the organization. The ideaof him collaborating with the engineers to create new design showsthat the person meant to do the job was not active, or the managementhas failed to define job descriptions clearly. Dormancy within anorganization might lead another employee into performing a taskdelegated to another employee (Goetsch, 2011). Furthermore, it maylead to ineptitude, loss of sales, diminished productivity and lackto meet objectives, as some work may remain undone. In this case, thesituation is not visible to any party in the organization. Theemployees feel that Chris is overworking into the departments whilehis intentions are that he should have better sales for the company.Labor division in this situation becomes a failure to the management.Management fails to delegate specific functions to a specificindividual (Goetsch, 2011). The rules of the organization also arenot applicable.

Accordingto structural form of an organization, a company should have rules,which are to be followed by the employees. Lack of defined rules orviolation of the defined rules may allow employees to skip duties,clash with other employees, or fail to perform effectively. In suchcases, it is difficult to cultivate effective approaches for conflictmanagement. In this sense, Chris should be made aware of violatingother employees’ rights in the company. Chris is reported to beaggressive to the members of the organization in the manner by whichhe treats them. Correctly spelled out rules on the rights and freedomof each employee would help in the security of the rights of eachemployee (Goetsch, 2011). With rules in an organization, Chris wouldbe able to understand his limits and know how to relate to otheremployees. Procedures and systems in the organization are notclassified in Stover industries. Hence, this element enables thedevelopment of more problems in the organization in that Chris is notaware of his limits. Decision-making becomes difficult when a companydoes not have procedures and systems that guide that its strategicapproaches and goals. Instead, he proceeds into dictating to otherworkers. A delegation of duties or definition of jobs should alwaysfollow an effective communication plan and usually, should involveemployees.

Thestructural frame being a developed form of architecture in anorganization, the goals, and the technology, as well as theresponsibilities employees, are included. Regarding the development,labor division in an organization is important to the advancement ofthe organization. S respect to the hierarchical system in anorganization enables a company to achieve administrative developmentas well as economic development. Most challenges in an organizationare developed because of leaders not being able to align the company(Goetsch, 2011). An organization requires structural maintenance anddevelopment of working environment. This is because a well-developedstructure would enable a company to achieve its economic and socialgoals. Reorganization of an organization’s goals and coordinationamong the members enables the company to appreciate economicdevelopment. In a well-developed organization, implementation ofpolicies of the organization enables the company to integrate everyworker’s effort (Goetsch, 2011). For instance, in a vehiclemanufacturing factory, every individual is expected to participate.Participation of the assembly department is as important as theparticipation of the marketing department. Lack of integration of theeffort of each worker in the company might cause the development ofproblems within the company. The company needs to satisfy the desireand embrace the ideas of each employee to both economically andsocially.


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