AsicsCompany Overview

Briefhistory of Asics Company

Asicsis Japanese Multinational Corporation athletic equipment companyproducing footwear and sports equipment, founded in the year 1949.Started manufacturing basketball shoes, first made shoes featured asole recessed design, which mimicked the action of an octopus`suction cup. Onitsuka Co. Ltd began marketing his shoes in the Unitedstated in the year the 1960`s. The shoes took various design changes.During this period, the shoes marking were changed to the sleekerTiger design as found on Onitsuka Tiger shoes today. In 1977,Onitsuka Co. Ltd merged with GTO and JELENK to from ASICSCorporation.

Despitethis development, the shoes continued and still are produced and soldinternationally the label Onitsuka Tiger. In the years 70’s, ASICScommitted to designing footwear specifically for women, thisattracted world-class female athletes to compete wearing ASICS. Thecompany further introduced ASICS gel, a cushioning system thatpresented the ability of shoes to absorb shock by verticaldissipation impact and dispersing it into a horizontal plane. Sincethen ASICS gel system is found throughout the footwear line. Thecompany has opened 23 standolaone Onistuka Tiger boutiques in Japan,as well as in paris, Berlin, Landon and Seoul, and its collaboratedwith fashion luminaries like Issey Miyake on sneaker designs (Bednaret al., 672) TheCompany has also streamlined its trade back down to athletic footwearand clothing, withdrawing from the ski and golf equipment markets.

Themanagement of the Company has set some strategies that are aimed atcreating the awareness and building the customer relationship. Suchstrategies include:

  • To enhance awareness of Asics products and quality.

  • To maintain an active product development program.

  • To maintain substantial control over product supply.

  • Enhancing service delivery to customers through store environments.

  • To selectively expand global distribution without compromising the value of the brand.

Onthe other hand, the management has also set some of the long-termobjectives and they are as follows:

  • To improve asset productivity and cash flow.

  • To increase store productivity.

  • To achieve improved operating margins.

  • Fostering the provision of the financial strength in a flexible manner that allows the returns of excess capital shareholders.

  • To continue being the leading footwear and sports products company serving as the role model for the rest.

KihachiruOnitsuka founded the Company in the year 1949, as Onitsuka Co.ltd inKobe, Japan. Since founding the company, He has remained activelyinvolved in its operation until his death in the year 2007, servingas the chairman of the company where his success came byexperimenting with new designs.

Afterthe death of the founder, the company is supported and managed byother personnel with high qualified skills in product processing,manufacturing as well as in research and design. Through theleadership of the company, the management has set high standards forensuring that customers attain product or service delivery.

TheCompany`s Product

Fuzex-Men running shoes

Fuzexare men running shoes, retailing at a price of $100.00. The shoescome in different sizes and color, giving the customer wide range ofchoice. Theshoe combines a very lightweight design with protection andcushioning.

Gel-kinsei6- Men running shoes

Comesalso in different colors and sizes, giving the customer freedom ofchoice and retailing at $170.00. Among its features are, Fluid ride2.0, a lighter, bouncier midsole that enhances push off with morepep. It also has Gel cushioning and comfortable sock liner for softlanding. Contains Get a sock-like fit with a hugging upper and a heelthat holds your foot in place.

SLVHOODIE- for women

Retailingat $40.00, gives customers wide range of choice also because it comeswith different colors and of different sizes. It is breathable withan all-over mesh fabric, has layer with other pieces for a stylish,individual look.


Itis essential to structure and empower teamwork in any organizationalsetup to ensure that all products meet the customers’ preferences.Asics Company, therefore, has set its strategies to ensure that itdeliver competitive products in the market to dominate the market.


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