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Successin life has various connotations, and my dad has earned it, perhapsnot the greatest father that ever lived but that one inspired my lifewithout measure. I remember back in 2008 when the recession hit ournation’s economy as a family, we did hit rock bottom. That nighteveryone worried because our business was affected our dad noticedthe mood and he woke up and hugged and with a comforting voice saidall will be well. Within that year when all business were withdrawingand closing he fixed his mind on expanding the business andadvertised it, and he invested more in the enterprise.

Weall thought our dad was insane risking that much when experts andanalysis predicted worse economic condition. But his inspiration anddetermination did not stop him from doing what he had set his mind totoday I celebrate my dad because that business became million dollarbusiness. He poofs no matter how far success is or what happens neverset your eyes on the price.

Inall his life he has been the kindest person I ever met. He would goto various organizations and donate half of his business profits whattouches me is how he buys food at lunch time and go to share with aman on streets as they chat like longtime friends. A some [point Ifelt awkward, but when I began to understand the joy he gives tothose people who had no idea that a nicely dressed person of higherstature could come and have time with them as they eat together andshare stories, that was just wow! I look at my dad and say to myselfwhat a man with a heart of gold.

Theremoment in my life that I went through emotional distress perhapsbecause of a relation or disappointment in my performance or thosefeelings of low self-esteem. How he noticed what I usually wentthrough is a mystery to date. He strengthened and supported me inthese hard times, and my super kryptonite dad has inspired the vigorand the fullness of my life.

Myfather has proved that the greatest strength lies not in your socialstatus body power or wealth but your heart and mind. I am grateful toGod to have been placed under the custody of such a father.


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