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JohnsonLyndon was a Great President

PresidentLyndon B. Johnson perhaps one the most ambitious president in thehistory United States leadership, he is the spark of many freedom andgovernment initiatives we enjoy today on Great Society platform. Andon the question of whether his achievement outweighs his failures, itis a subjective one and depends on what you consider important inyour life. The fact that a driver meets a lot of challenges on theroad and fails to reach his destination does not mean you are a baddriver.

Theachievements of President Lyndon B. Johnson outweigh his failure, andthough he was one term president, he deserves a thump’s up even ifnot two of them and I regard him a great president in the history ofUnited States. To appreciate the great works of President Lyndon B.Johnson, one has to take himself/herself back in the 1960s. Thesewere years marked by discrimination on color, race, national originreligion and sex. Imagine today the so much issue then of AfricanAmerican and whites isn’t an issue and you know why because apresident stood firm and said it is enough. He addressed how peoplewere denied their right to equal treatment which is universal to allhuman being as they are created equal and signed the Civil Rights Actoutlawing discrimination of people because of their attributes, injobs and voting. What can be greater than that?

Asif that is not enough, he went ahead to fight against poverty bysigning an Economic Opportunity Act an effort made to eradicatepoverty in Appalachian, Eastern Kentucky. In urban development,Johnson to help low-income earners who moved in new houses he forgedfor Omnibus Housing Bill that provided grants and aided smallbusiness person that were displaced as a result of the bill cominginto effect. Also, Johnson signed the Housing and Urban DevelopmentAct, which is the mother of U.S Department of Housing and UrbanDevelopment. Another Act that gave the federal powers to revitalizeand rebuild blighted was also enacted under Demonstration Cities andMetropolitan Development Act. This Act initiated training,educational and employment programs for people in the advancement ofeconomic growth by spawning Appalachian Regional Development Act.

Asecure nation is founded on heavy military personnel and a learnedsociety. The president empowered the people with the modern weaponknowledge. For the first time, Johnson federal government signed anElementary and Secondary Education Act committed to helping studentsfrom humble family backgrounds. Later Higher Education Act waslaunched to help students to attend college through scholarships.

Justlike a person nations that invest in its health invest in its futureand any enlightened leader would know the importance of this fact.Our President Johnson was the one who created Medicaid, Medicare andhealth insurance programs for low-income earners and the elderly thatare widely enjoyed today he called it “the healing miracle of themodern medicine.” also signed a law that protected the consumers byincluding the truth in packaging. Should I continue?

Johnsonknew the importance of transparency and the free flow ofcommunication thus he promoted the media industry by signing publicbroadcasting Act and provided financial assistance to noncommercialradio and television broadcast. About culture and art, Johnsondeveloped the National Endowment for Humanities, one of the greatestarts and culture funder in the US. Also, the Great Society initiativeled to the realization of the John F. Kennedy Center for thePerforming Arts in Washington.

Johnsonthe president with a heart for the environment signed various actsthat geared towards environment protection. These include Air QualityAct, Water Quality Act, Endangered Species Act, Wild and ScenicRivers Act, and the National Trails System Act. In advocating for abetter foreign policy, he abolished Immigrant Act of 1924 whichrestricted some immigrants from Europe and Asia on account that itviolated the principle spirit of a united states that every man isrewarded on merit.


Themajor failures of Johnson were the Vietnam War that led to the lossof lives of many American soldiers and resources and excess drain ofresource to the “War Poverty.” The war on poverty is not acomplete fail project even if it was stopped as that spirit toeradicate poverty still lives in the American leadership today. Ifthe above achievements really do not outweigh this two failures thenno one has really achieved anything. Great people make mistakes butthe problem of history magnifies the problem and forgets theachievement. The liberties enjoyed by grandchildren whose ancestorswere slaves and shunned on basis of color were forged by Johnson andto those affected can call Johnson their savior. The Medicaid andMedicare that president Obama advocates were the brainchild ofJohnson. Do you not get it? we are living in Johnson dream. Let’sgive credit where it is due Johnson is a great president and hedeserves a place of honor in the history of transforming manyconstitutional rights and liberties that are enjoyed today anddevelopment projects.


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