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Whyclimate change should be Serious given its Due Attention

Inthe beginning, the earth was void and formless without any form oflife in it, beneath and above. Then life was created by a word ofmouth, and the land was separated from water, and the earth broughtforth vegetation every plant that bears fruits and seeds. Beautifulcreatures of the sea, air and land also came forth, and it wasmagnificent until the man was given dominion over all creatures andthe land (Catholic Answer Bible, Genesis 1.1-10).

It is a beautiful picture of the earth from what we are experiencingtoday, occasionally rise in temperatures, tsunamis, hurricanes, therise in sea level, desertification, rises in floods, glaciers and icemeltdown have marred our current daily lives (IPCC 6). You do notneed to be a scientist to notice these drastic changes. Climatechange is real and is affecting our lives in a way that we can nolonger sit down and watch as spectators as its effects wear us downevery day. But do we know what is causing these numerous effects ofclimate change? What should be done to solve the problem? Thisresearch identifies the problem and proposes possible solutions toclimate change.

Statementof the Problem

Wecannot we debate or argue about climate change without knowing whatcauses it and why it is an important topic. Climate change is adeviation in normal climatic conditions over time either positivelyor negatively associated with global warming. According to IPCC,climate change is caused by an increase in greenhouse gases and otherfactors this is Water vapor (H20), Carbon dioxide (C02), Methane(CH4), Nitrous oxide (N20), Chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs), Aerosols,black sun spots, Reflectivity and earth’s orbit (IPCC 4). Theirincrease in the atmosphere cause warming as a result of heatradiating from the earth surface towards space is trapped by thesegases as they from a cloud of the blanket that absorbs the heat suchwarming is what is referred as global warming. To best solve aproblem you need to know the problem its causes and effects. We havealready identified our problem as climate change. To effectivelydiscuss my case I narrowed to Carbon dioxide emission as a cause ofthe problem under study to be solved. The problem will be discussedin this order I will first tackle what contributes to C02, evidenceof the C02 increase in the atmosphere, its effects on human, thereason why tackling the problem is of importance, solution andimplementation process

Contributorsof Carbon Dioxide in the Atmosphere

Manhas evolved through many centauries trying to find easier ways tolive .Withindustrialization, man has become very innovative and developedvarious machinery and energy sources to sustain himself. All thishave made human lifestyle easy, but not all came without a cost. Theyhave been various sources of energy used in the industry ofmanufacturing products, coal been the cheapest advocated form ofenergy. The use of coal as energy in powering plants has been citedas a key contributor to C02 level in the atmosphere by variousgovernment and intergovernmental organization such as IPCC. Also, thefuels that are being used by our transport systems when combusted toproduce energy release energy C02 in the atmosphere too as abyproduct. Subsequently, human being population has increased overtime necessitating the need for settlements creation, same as theneed for paper in the industry of writing this has led todeforestation and desertification reducing the potential carbondioxide absorbers.

Evidenceof the Problem

Thereare various evidences that have been put forward to show the increasein carbon dioxide. To begin with,the IPCC states that carbon dioxide levels have increased from 280parts per million by volume(ppmv) to 389 ppmv at the beginning of 21century to 2010.Also, to feed the population fertile lands aredeforested to create farms lands. For instance according to UnitedNations, in 2000, the world population was 6.01 billion, while in2014 it was recorded at 7.2 billion. The increase in population wouldnot have come without a cost on the environment. Another humanactivity that has resulted in the increase in climate change is war.Human being and environment have suffered from incidents of war. Theuse of nuclear and atomic bombs, for example, japan resulted in theloss of plant life which has negatively affected the vegetation ofJapan.

Theeffects of World War 1 and 2 have not faded as dry land can be seenas a result even recent wars in Iran, Iraq, Libya, Somalia and Syriahave greatly affected vegetation and leading to desertification,resulting in increasing in C02 levels. The increase in C02 hasconsequently resulted in increasing in global warming. Watch the newsand you will hear news connected to climate change whether it isreceding glaciers or ice level in Antarctica or rise in sea levels orincrease in temperatures abnormally or storms. Another substantialevidence of an increase in C02 is the Chernobyl nuclear disaster.Imagine that area now, the incident resulted in the destruction ofthe natural setting of the environment, from trees to chemicalreaction affecting rain acidity level, the result being the death ofimportant micro life and trees. There are two ways that are greatlycontributing to C02 as this research tries to elaborate by doingactivities that lead reduction of carbon dioxide absorbers in theenvironment and directly being involved in cases that release carbondioxide directly.

Empiricalevidence of C02emission

Theemission of carbon dioxide data by IPCC from 1960 to 2000

Solutionsand Implementation

Itis clear that this problem needs a lot of attention and probablesolution. Identifying the problem and cause of the increase in C02give us the knowledge of knowing where restriction should be put orwhat policies should be created in solving this problem. Thedevelopment of technology and communication and learning is reducingthe use of paper industry there is a need for the education systemand scholarly works to utilize the development of technology insafeguard to natural resources. Also, There is need to adopt sourcesof energy which do not release CO2 and if they do in minimal amounts.Afforestation can also be an added advantage to try to increaseforest cover. Industries that use coal as a source of energy to powertheir plant should be encouraged to adopt a climate-friendly sourceof energy and drop coal.

Theimplementation process has been met with challenges one being ahighlight in the New York Times news date November 17, 2015, wherethe Senate chose to block the president of United States press forclimate change guidelines. The Senate voted 52-46 to block theclimate change regulations this would result in the scrapping of theEPA rule on regulating carbon emission from power plants using coalas fuel. To effectively implement the solutions the government needsto have the interest of human survival in the future. There also theneed for government to initiate programs such as planting trees andanti-deforestation campaigns sensitizing the masses on the needs oftrees in fighting carbon dioxide levels.

Thegovernment should put in policies that restrict the use of coal ortaxing the coal powered industry to discourage the use. Thegovernment should set aside funds to fund the science discoveries onalternative friendly fuel. The government should come together andput in place systems that enable the society to leave in harmony andsafety standard measures to avoid cases of war and Chernobyl accidentthat destroy natural resources. Sanctions can be imposed on those whoviolate the policies they have ratified.

Empoweringbodies like IPCC to have powers and act as an authoritarian body likeUnited Nations can aid in reducing cases of carbon dioxide as nationswill obey it as a body that can prosecute on behave of the othernations. The body can aid in coming up with regulations that areapplied across the world on uses of fuels that emit carbon dioxideand various techniques tat purify the gases before it is released inthe atmosphere.

Importanceof the Implementation of the Various Strategies to Curb C02Levels

Carbondioxide causes global warming. The effects of global warming areunpleasant to the human population both socially and economically.Global warming caused by an increase in greenhouse effects has beenresponsible for various losses of human life and property damage.When infrastructure is destroyed as a result of global warmingeffects such as hurricanes or tsunamis the effect people and nation,suffer a lot, psychological and economically. Increase in carbondioxide blanket absorbers in the atmosphere has been blamed as thereason for heat waves and hot temperature rates being recorded insome parts of the world. This has made those places inhabitable tohuman. Trees are carbon dioxide absorbers, but when to cut or destroyby man-made calamity there is resulting effect on climate.

Whenvarious campaigns are lodged such as afforestation, they will have agreat benefit to the society. Forests have been associated with thecooling effect of the environment in addition to utilizing carbondioxide as a source of food. The effects of heat waves will bereduced so as the global warming effects. The reduction in calamitiescaused by the C02 increase will also decrease saving the country alot economical and psychological distress. As a world community, wehave a moral obligation to preserve life, and as we have seen andcome to know the effects of carbon dioxide we should work togetherfor the sustainability of our home earth whether bears immediatebenefit is now or not for our generation that is top come. That is amore compelling reason we should implement these policies, the needto preserve life.


Ihave put forward evidence that shows how human beings are beingaffected by the effects of climate change contributed to increasingin greenhouse gases, especially carbon dioxide and it would beblissfully ignorant to claim that human being does not the effectsclimate change. Human activities especially industrious one,ignorance and selfishness have resulted in climate change. The Loraxthe animation movie proofs how much industrialization has resulted inthe destruction of vegetation and consequences thereof. Any humanactivity whether small in its magnitude that leads to release ofgreenhouse gases or destruction of vegetation: such as mining,transportation, making of biomass product , landfills and use offertilizers in addition to rearing animals: has resulted inproviding gases that absorb terrestrial radiation from earth surfaceretaining heat warm the earth like a blanket.

Theeffects have been seen in melting of glaciers, icebergs,desertification, floods, the rise in sea level, an increase in a heatwave and other side effects. It is upon us to take into action theproposals put forward by this research and implement them as if weneed a better tomorrow. The problem we are facing today is of globalnature more reason for us to work together irrespective of culturecreed and social status in the world. The stop to environmentdegradation start with you and me, let stop looking at what theauthorities are doing for us, instead, show the leaders we arecommitted to saving our planet by advocating for anti-carbon dioxidecontributors.


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