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Nonfictional murder stories often show similarities as well asdifferences on close analysis of the settings and manifestations ofthe events within the stories. In Cold Blood is a story that has beenwritten by Truman Capote and a film directed by Tom Gries whiletrying to depict the nature of murderer within the society. In ColdBlood is a true story and hence is non-fictional. Helter Skelter is astory written by Vincent Bugliosi and Curt Gentry and a film directedby Richard Brooks is also a true story that is based on true murderoccurrences within the society. Cold Blood and Helter Skelter arestories that share similarities while at the same time havedifferences. The characters in these stories are portrayed indifferent ways depending on the setting of the stories. Thisanalysis, therefore, has an intent of concentrating on thesimilarities and differences within the occurrences of thesenonfictional stories.

The characters within these filmss are portrayed in ways thatindicate similarities between them. The murders are part of the maincharacters within the setting of these stories. These are individualswho have indicated commonalities on their characters. The murders aredepicted as cold-blooded people who are unremorseful for theiractions. In Cold Blood directed by Tom Gries, Perry Smith and DickHickock slaughter all their victims who are six in number withoutfeeling guilty for their actions. The murders plot the execution ofthe crimes for some time and even when ahead in vowing to kill anyonewho would appear as a witness at the crime scene (Gries, In ColdBlood). The execution of the murders also indicates lack ofregret as the murderers do not care and worry about the pleas oftheir victims. On analysis of the nature and personality of theManson family, the murderers in Helter Skelter, Charles Manson andhis family lack remorse and are cold-blooded in nature. The Mansonfamily carry out their murders by stabbing their victims severally.The Manson family members also seem not to care about the pleas oftheir victims (Brooks, Helter Skelter). Additionally, theseare individuals who have the courage of leaving messages at the crimescenes through the use of the blood of their victims. All the victimsof the acts of murder in both the two stories are innocent and hencedo not deserve such severe acts against human rights from theirkillers.

The murders within the two stories have the characteristic of beingself-driven. The Manson family are self-driven to carry out the actsof murder to accomplish their conspiracy theory. The Mansion familyaims to frame the black community against the white during their actsof murder to ensure that their wishes are achieved. The Mansionfamily carry out their first act of murder as they are determined toget away from Crowe after attempting to kill him. The Mansion familyalso try to manipulate the court ruling during the trials as much asthey can (Brooks, Helter Skelter). Perry Smith and DickHickock In Cold Blood are similarly self-driven as they plot thedeaths of their victims for some time. The two murderers planeverything as it is needed and vow to kill anyone they come intocontact with during the operation in order not to get arrested(Gries, In Cold Blood).

The past records of some of the murder crew within these storiesinfluence their abilities to carry out these acts. Charles Manson isthe mastermind behind the killing that his family members execute.The past criminal record of Charles Mansion is viewed to haveaffected him into carrying out the mass murder. Charles Manson is anindividual who seems to be avenging some of the individuals who hepresumes to have done him wrong in the past. Charles attempts to killRoman Polanski for failing to record his music, an art he startedpracticing while in prison (Brooks, Helter Skelter). He inturn ends up killing Polanski’s fiancé together with her friends.Dick Hickock, on the other hand, has a record of criminal activitiesand hence he was in jail before being given parole (Gries, In ColdBlood). His past crime records is viewed to have inspired himinto planning the deaths of his victims.

Finally, a common occurrence in these two stories is the ability ofthe perpetrators of the barbaric acts of murder to get arrested. Themurderers in the story attempt to eliminate all clues and factorsthat would try to pin them to the scene of the killers. However dueto their carelessness or unavoidable circumstance, justice is servedas they are arrested and undergo trial. They are all found guilty offirst-degree murder and manslaughter and, as a result, are sentencedto life imprisonments.

The stories Cold Blood and Helter Skelter have significantdifferences when it comes to the different narration styles as wellas the development of the characters. In Cold Blood is an elaboratestory that has provided detailed analysis of the lives of theirindividuals and also the nature of the society. While evaluating InCold Blood, a viewer of the film understands the traits of all thecharacters in details. Furthermore, all the occurrences are vividlyexplained and narrated step by step as the plot develops (Gries, InCold Blood). The film has also elaborately followed the trail ofthe murders Perry Smith and Dick Hickock up to the point whereby theybreak into the home of the Cullter family and carry out the murders.The reader is as a result placed in a position of understanding thenature as well as the inspiration behind the murders. The slow andin-depth building of the plot of the story has been able to revealall the characters of the story as the plot develops (Gries, InCold Blood). Assessment of Helter Skelter does not provide adetailed elaboration of the characters as well as the happenings inthe story. The film majorly concentrates on the scenes of the murderby elaborating how the act of the crime occurred and the drivingfactors behind the crimes (Brooks, Helter Skelter). The traitsof the characters have therefore not been vividly illustrated to theviewers. The viewers can only appropriately understand CharlesMansion as he is the mastermind behind the murders. The viewesr canas well elaborately understand the character of Mansion’sprosecutor Vincent Bugliosi. The remaining characters somehow seeminvisible when it comes to their traits.

Cold Blood is a story that revolves around the daily lives of thecharacters within the story. As a result, the story talks aboutanother occurrence within the community that is not associated withthe murder (Gries, In Cold Blood). The story has provided thereader with insight on the component of the daily lives ofinhabitants in the village of Holcomb. However, Helter Skelter hasconcentrated on elaborating the particular events and happening thathave been related to the acts of murder (Brooks, Helter Skelter).As a result, a viewer watching the film cannot gain knowledge of thedaily occurrences and happen of the member of the specific community.

In conclusion, despite the differences that have been displayed bythe film In Cold Blood and Helter Skelter, these stories have beensuccessful in efficiently capturing the concept of murder andmanslaughter as an act of crime within the society. These films havebeen able to educate the reader about the adverse effect of such lawin the society through the use sad narration. The films finallyinforms the viewers that no acts against humanity go unpunished.Therefore, these films have managed to pass the intended informationto the intended viewers.

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