1.C. This passage shows that conquest can be made to look better thanit is, like mere cultivation of the land, an example of romancing.

2. D. Both B and C.

3.D.) A, B, and C.

4.D. Both B and C.

5.B. This passage allows Chretien to authorize his work by saying thathis knowledge comes from God.

6.B. This passage features an old warrior who reflects on his gloriouspast to explain why people of his day should act as he has.

7.E. None of the Above

8.A. This passage illustrates Lancelot’s willingness to shame himselfin the public eye if it means enjoying a private life of bliss withthe Queen

9.A. This passage illustrates the way in which Lanval’s private lifeof eroticism with the fairy mistress has made him a better person inthe public life.

10.A. This passage provides Erec and Enide with a happy ending bydemonstrating that Enide and the Maiden are cousins.

11B. Wealhtheow acquiesces too easily to Hrothgar’s implicitsuggestion that Beowulf becomes one of his kin for saving his peoplefrom Grendel.

12C. Geoffrey’s work engages with the history of the Norman Conquestby providing the Anglo-Normans with a model of history in which onlymen of a certain class can rule well.

13E. All are true.

14D.)In Lancelot, there is usually a healthy balance between private loveand public adventure, the two components of romance.

15D. It is never clear to us why the fairy mistress comes back to saveLanval, even though she swore she would disappear forever if hementioned her name.

16E. She uses all of these.

17C. The History of the Kings of Britain

18B. Women, who for so long have remained silent in the text, make thebest of a bad situation and prevent any further damage to the kingdomby convincing the knights of an appropriate strategy.

19E. All of the Above.

20E. All are true.


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