Feistyabout Television

Hisand Her Christmas (A TV Show produced in 2005)

TheTV show that I have chosen to watch is “His and Her Christmas”.Tom Lane is a columnist who is a star for the conglomerate media thatbelongs to San Francisco Sun Newspaper. The organization wishes toincrease the exposure of Tom through the production of a televisionshow that is new tohim. Liz Madison plays the role of an advice columnist belonging tothe little read newspaper of the community called the Marin CountyVoice, a reversion to gentler times (Chang&amp Eyun-Jung253).Apart from the fact that both the two characters are journalists, oneaspect that they have in common is that Liz and Tom are currentlysingle.

Boththeir family members and friends are doing whatever it takes to finda special person for their life so that they can get married. On 2ndNovember 2005, the staff members at Voice find out that the Sunownership has purchased a newspaper that belongs to them with apossible aim of folding it into Sun’s operation(Chang &amp Eyun-Jung250).They are afraid that if the move happens, the workers at Voice willget fired. Therefore, with an objective of fighting back, Liz makes adecision of transforming to an editorial espousing the significanceof the newspaper and Christmas to the society.

Dueto the entertainment stance and feisty of the new column of Liz,there is an increase in the circulation of the Voice in a largeextent such that the owner makes a second thought about folding. Itwould,in turn,put the new television show of Tom in danger. With an objective ofprotecting the advancement in his career, Tom drafts a counterpointcolumn to the Liz concerning his instilmentin Christmas. The competition of the two columns emerges as apersonal battle between them.


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