Summary and Reflection about the Article

and Reflection about the Article ‘Material Difference’

Scientistswork tirelessly to find better and more efficient materials to use.In the past, people used what was available and what would work. Nowthat innovation and creativity are the order of the day, there istireless effort to come up with materials that are cost-effective,efficient as well as more long-lasting. The discovery goes along withmultiple experiments with all kinds of materials to come up with aconclusion that a particular material should be adopted. A goodexample lies with modern bulbs. In 1879, Edison discovered that aparticular type of bamboo in carbonized form could be used as afilament for the incandescent light bulb. In the 20th century, theidea was challenged when scientists discovered tungsten lamps thatwere brighter and lasted longer.

Furtherstudies show that when people understand the smallest form of matter,they can manipulate it to come up with better materials. The mostdiminutive form of these materials is nanometre referring to amillionth metre of the material. International Centre for AdvancedMaterials has a project underway on understanding the way thesmallest atoms discovered (hydrogen atoms) dissolve in steel causingtiny cracks. Observing the process will help in coming up with acounter method that will enhance the steel to live longer withouthaving the cracks. The modification will also be efficient in thatthe scientists will not look for a substitute material but rathermodify what they have. Looking for an alternate material requiresmore cost of resources and time as it wholly depends on trial anderror method.

Thetrial and error method ceases after ten years of interaction withvarious materials. Reason being one already knows how differentmaterials react after multiple experiments and also knows theconditions under which the material behaves in that particular way.Michael Idelchick, a global electric project developer, conducted150, 000 experiments on different crystals that scintillate whensubjected to x-rays before deciding to settle for a specific type ofgarnet. The material is faster. Hence, the patients are exposed tofewer rays, and it is also cost effective for hospitals.

Concentrationof the Nona-particles leads to the improvement of the old materialsas well as the discovery of new materials. The small particle ispreferred to a whole material as it is less bulky. It has theproperties of the original material only that it is smaller. Thesesmall elements are incorporated into other materials while in theirsalt form hence a material can have multiple properties. In othercases, the resistant materials are used for coating other materialsfor efficiency. The materials are also supposed to be converted intostable forms. That way, the materials do not have destructive effectsand can be produced in large quantities. An example is the lithiumatom used in making rechargeable batteries.

Inmy reflective view, creativity and innovation have opened people`sminds and eyes. They see a better world for better equipment, bothnew and modified. As a result, there is tireless effort to discoverthe dream of having efficient and profitable materials throughmodification of the materials at our disposal. Through the scientificinnovations, materials are made to be more durable as well asreplacing the bulky materials with lighter ones. Therefore, peopleshould not be afraid of developing their ideas as it may betomorrow`s way of life. At the recent trend, it is possible that inthe near future most machines will be portable and possiblyindividuals will own them.