`Swagger Wagon`


‘SwaggerWagon’ is rap video advert to market the Toyota’s 2010 Sienna SEminivan as ‘Swagger Wagon’. The video stars a white suburbanfamily, which raps about the minivan alongside. The family bringsbliss to the song. The advert has been said to be controversial asculture appropriation and racism accusations are being projected atthe promotion of stereotypes and also because of its’ mocking thehip-hop culture. Others have criticized the advert saying that it isa mess and a cliché mainly without original ideas and without a clueof what a rap song and video is essentially supposed to be.

However,others have supported the advert saying that the advert cannot beracist just because a white family has rapped, they have gone aheadto say that hip hop has already become a mainstream culture and thatit has been accepted and embraced as everyone’s’ culture.

Thisis the original video advert of the Toyota Sienna minivan whichstarts using an introduction line dedicating the song to the minivanfamilies out there. The star family seems blissful in the videowhich is humorous as well, “no seriously honey where the kids are?”this is where the dad asks their mother where the kids are then hestarts rapping, “I roll hard….”

Theadvert caused a lot of reactions with many people branding the advertas the worst commercial ever. Others went ahead to say that theToyota Sienna Minivan is a product worth buying and using oldgimmicks to move the market was a bad move. On the other hand, otherssupport the advert branding it the best advert ever.