The 1989 Loma Prieta Earthquake

The 1989 Lorna Prieta earthquake was one of theworst during that time as it hit Santa Cruz region in California. Thequake lasted for a short while but caused massive damages both tohumans and properties. In fact, at least 67 people died during theincident while 3,757 sustained injuries (Holzer, NationalScience Foundation &amp Geological Survey, 1998).To understand this aspect better, take a look at the following mapsthat indicate where the incident occurred both on the California mapand the world map.

Map1: Santa Cruz Region, California

Thered part surrounded by yellow is the county of Santa Cruz inCalifornia, which was hit by an earthquake in 1989. As observed, thearea may seem small on the map but in reality, it was massive as itcovered about 400,000 square miles (Holzer, National ScienceFoundation &amp Geological Survey, 1998). Theearthquake lasted for nearly 15 seconds but its effects were immense.To understand it better, it is important to look at the world map tosee where this region is located. To understand it better on abigger platform, take a look at the following global map.

The area indicated by a yellow mark is theexact position where California is located. Santa Cruz is withinCalifornia and thus, it is located at the same region. The earthquakeoccurred on longitude -120.87250 andlatitude 35.64556 (Holzer, National Science Foundation &ampGeological Survey, 1998). These are not specifically indicated on themaps above but they demonstrate the exact region affected by theearthquake. They cross on the region indicated by a yellow mark onthe map above.


Holzer, T. L., National Science Foundation (U.S.), &amp GeologicalSurvey (U.S.). (1998). The Loma Prieta, California, earthquake ofOctober 17, 1989. Washington: U.S. G.P.O.