The Aging Population


TheAging Population

TheAging Population


Thepurpose of the website is to indicate the aging population. It isestimated that 8% of the world’s population is made up of peoplebetween the ages of 65 and above, a total of 524 million people. Theabove figures are continuing to grow and are expected to rapidly taketo the increase in the coming years. In the developed countries weexperience a larger number of the aging people than in the developingcountries. The reason for these differences is explained by thedecline in fertility and the improvements made by scientist when itcomes to increasing longevity. Modern families now prefer fewerchildren due to the increase scarcity for resources families preferhaving smaller more manageable households. These reduce the number ofbirths and therefore the number of the older population isconsequently being higher. And with better care the older generationgets to live longer lives and therefore the older people end upincreasing their share in the population.

Theaudience is the general public because such changes in the populationhave a great impact on the social and economic structure of thesociety. It causes a strain on the economic resources of a countryif it comes by undetected.

Itis important in the area of specialization because it causes a changein the future trends of doing business and it becomes everybody’sconcern. There is therefore due reason to believe that certain publicinstitutions are going to be affected namely, healthcare, education,the workforce and consequently the economy. The information is ofquality because it has been prepared by a health organization.

TheAging Population and the Effect On Healthcare


Audience:Public Education

Thepurpose of the website is to show that elderly people are more proneto disease attack due to their low immunity and slower metabolism.Their bodies no longer work as perfectly and everything becomesprolonged as years pass by. This in turn affects the way healthcarespending flow. Long term healthcare services have to be offered asthe population for the elderly continues to increase. Per capitaexpenditure on health care therefore increases among the oldergeneration. The cost of healthcare for each older person increasesas they get older. They demand more from healthcare especially rightbefore death. Statistics shows that higher costs are prolonged withevery older generation.

Itis important in the area of specialization because some of the majordiseases affecting the older generation are heart diseases, stokeand cancer and such information can be used in educating the public. The information is of quality since it has been prepared by aresearch organization.

Thisis a great insight for the countries that have great debts. To caterfor this difference the government is trying to increase theparticipation of the older generation to the country’s economy.This is being done through making it easier for older people to keepworking. By raising the retirement age the government hopes to keepolder people working. Increasing the influence of the private sectoris another way to counter attack the impact of aging. This is done toassure them of pensions and well financed health care.

TheAging Population and the Effect On The Workforce


Audience:Public Education

Thepurpose of the website is to show that the workforce is facing ashortage of workers as a result of aging population. In reality thosewho work pay higher taxes and the government is able to collect fromthem to fund other projects. When the population of a country has alarger number of elderly people there are fewer taxes collected. Acountry then falls in both productivity and growth.

Inanother view the economy sees this as an opportunity to create abigger market for goods that are tailored for the older workforce.This can be achieved by providing flexible working practices andworking conditions. An increase in the number of retired peopleincreases the market for goods and services linked to them.

Itcan be applied to show that it is true that the increase in the agingpopulation places a strain in the younger working population. Byincreasing the retirement age, the government sees this as anopportunity to collect income taxes and for the older generation tocontribute to the economy.

Onthe other hand, it is a sign of better living standards and betterhealthcare as life expectancy is increased. This is a majorachievement of the times we are living in and it shows thattechnology has its advantages. In this respect it increases theimmigration of younger workers from other places to bring about abalance in the economy. This in turn yields its own benefits whenmultiple cultures interact.

Thisinformation is of quality since it has been prepared by individualsdealing with research on education as the website indicates.According to the researchers, since people with college degrees tendto remain in the workforce longer it favors the old to remainworking. They have greater experience and are more equipped to dealwith challenges in the job sector. Their average productivity isassumed to be higher than that of younger people. Increasing theworking age of the skilled older people is therefore a good way toachieve productivity.

SpecialReport on Aging and Vision Loss


Thepurpose of this website is to show that there is a significancerelationship between aged people and vision loss. The websiteindicates that there is an increasing number of the aging populationdeveloping vision problems, which become a major hindrance inattending to their daily lives.

Thistype of information is critical to the aging population since it canhelp them plan for their future lives while they are still young. Thequality of the information is up to standard because it has beenoffered by the American Foundation for the blind, which is anorganization that has a lot individuals having specialization in thearea of concern. Also, being a research body in the area of concern,the organization is capable of providing quality information.

Theaudience that the website aims to address is the aging population.This is because the website wants the aging population to understandthat there may be a time that they may not have their vision as theyused to do before as their age increases. The website also addressesthe eye diseases associated with this audience and the resultingproblems they can have. With this kind of information, this audiencecan understand the changes in their eyesight.

Itis possible to use the information provided in this website in thearea of specialization in providing education to the publicconcerning eyesight problems as well as eye diseases that they canexpect as a result of aging. Also, the information on this website iscritical in the area of specialization because it can be used inproviding counseling to aging population that already areexperiencing eyesight loss problems.

Oneof the insights gained from this websites is the age at whicheyesight loss problem has been experienced and the future trendsconcerning the issue. This provides a lot of information that can beused in the area of specialization.

TheChallenge of Aging and Blindness: How ACB Can Make A Difference


Thepurpose of this website is to provide information on the blindpopulation concerning where they can obtain information that can helpthem overcome the challenge of sight loss, as well as the type ofinformation that the blind can obtain from agencies such as theAmerican Council of the Blind.

Thetype of information is advisory in nature to the blind population andthe information is of quality. The quality of this information can beindicated by the body that is presenting the information. Theinformation has been provided by the American Council of the Blind,which is an organization having a lot of qualified information in thearea since the organization focuses on research in the area underconsideration.

Theaudience addressed by this website is the aging population thatalready has the blindness problem. The website tries to provideinformation on how this audience can overcome the blindness problemthrough information access.

Theinformation in the website can be used in rehab rehabilitation ineducating the aging population on how they can face the challenge ofbeing blind. Also, the information can be used in giving orientationto the aging group concerning the blindness challenge.

Aninsight gained from this website is that there are agencies that canoffer information to the aging that are already blind, which can helpthem in overcoming the challenge. Such information is of importancebecause it provides an encouragement to the aging population who areblind.


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