The Asian thoughts

TheAsian thoughts



Theway of the Tao and the Common Way

Fromthe literature, “The Tao of Pooh” by Benjamin Hoff, Tao signifiesa path, route, or principle and from the background of Chinesereligion and philosophy, it is the instinctive knowledge of life.Forcefulimposition of issues is unnatural but what is essential issimplicity. It is conveyed in the relationship between emptiness, andthe natural balance between the opposites. The goal-oriented actionsof human beings are in complete contrast to Tao’s cyclicalcontinuation of the natural world. There are values of adhering tothe principles of Tao failure towhich constitute consequences. Tao discusses the unpredictable andnaturaloutcomes of actions. It encourages a non-logical and an intuitive wayof balance by fighting the desire to obstruct the usual practices ofnature.

Accordingto Hoff (2003), the common way is in total contrast to the abstractand accurate philosophy of man. It does not seek to direct ourbehavior but tries to uncover and understand principles governing ourbehavior. It advocates that a good life entails a suitable mix ofvarious elements. Since people are reasonable, they requirescientific knowledge, be socially active, and carry out business.However, it requires accuracy and exactness to attain perfection inpractical issues, such as in the scientific studies. It is seen thatscientific research is harmless, exercises the mind, and helps bringthe truth.

Thedifference betweenliving life the common way and living life according to Tao is thatliving the Tao way lacks scientific research and innovations. Thereason behind this is that people will want to obey nature. Hence, nochanges will be anticipated. Explanations will be given usingprejudice, as it will be based on the philosophy that is claimed tobe abstract and accurate.

TheTao Te Ching-Chapter Nine

Thechapter talks about those who are proud because of their wealth,which is thought to bring them harm. It does not want one to pursuefame since it is also considered to lead to their failure. It findswealth and fame an illusion and source of harm to the people. Assuch, Tao instills in one the need to abandon their success(Laozi &amp Mitchell, 1997). Itmeans that people are not allowed to go out of their ways and strivefor achievement, but should refrain from anything that makes themoutstanding. I chose it because it clearly brings out the way of lifeof Tao, which requires people not to object nature and becomeinnovative.


Thefirst classmate posting

Fromthe first posting, it is seen that living life the Tao way entailsknowing that life unfolds as it is supposed to while living thecommon way encompasses continual fighting to change things in one’slife to be as one desire. It points out that people are stuck inwrong jobs, miserable marriages, or the wrong house as they try tochange things and live life the common way. Therefore, living lifethe common way is different from living life as per the Tao, sinceone ultimately loses their relationship with the power of Tao, andlacks peace both with themselves and with others.

Thesecond classmate posting (Nataliya Melcher)

Inthe second posting, the book is seen to indicate that living life theTao way is the right way. It never forces things and everything is tobe left in their natural states. Tao requires that instead ofabandoning what we do not like, we should hold onto them to enhanceour strength. Hoff comments that life involves accomplishingessential things consisting particular interests, which might beagainst their inner self-aspirations. The common way aims to generateknowledge to appear wise.

Thethird posting

Livinglife the Tao way entails knowledge that everything unfolds in life asit is supposed. Living life the common way encompasses fighting tochange things to be as one wants. Hoff says that everything has itsfunction and place, but many end up being stuck in the wrong places.People build in their mind a psychological background that leads tounhappiness. Therefore, living life according to the Tao is entirelydifferent from living life the common way because in the long run thepower of the Tao will be lost making people lose their peace.

Thefourth Posting

Thebook majorly indicates that the Tao way is the ideal way to livebecause it does not advocate for the forcing of things. Experienceswith nature and outside world are valuable lessons since they takepeople closer to their inner harmony. Hoff postulates that the CommonWay entails accomplishing important things which might go against theinner self-drive. Therefore, people end up insisting on things notnaturally designed to happen to lead them to places they are notsupposed to be. Thus, it indicates that interfering with the naturallaw distances ourselves with harmony from within and the environment.

Thefifth posting

Hoffclaims that forcing things into being is unnatural and, therefore,calls for simplicity. People should use intuition as a way of balanceby fighting the urge to interfere with the natural practices. Throughthis, people will be living their lives according to the Tao. On theother hand, living life the Common Way involves understanding andexposing the principles that govern people’s behavior. Thedifference between the two ways is that according to the Tao peopleshould live by the philosophical teachings which are thought to beperfect while the Common Way advocates for changes to be made asneeds arise.


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