The benefit of video games

Thebenefit of video games

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Thebenefit of video games

Videogames are common form of entertainment for children and adults alike.It is educative and requires a lot of focus. However it could beaddictive just like other forms of addictions known to mankind. Thisresearch paper takes a critical look at the benefits of video gameswith an aim of achieving an informed position.

Videogames are producing Better Surgeons. It could sound odd but accordingto research video games are providing better surgeons than everbefore. From a study of laparoscopic specialists, it was found thatthose who played for prolonged periods of time after work made minorerrors in their operation procedures compared to non-gamingcounterparts. The experience is informed by the fact that computergaming involves a lot of practice to perfect which is similar tosurgeries(Granic, Lobel, and Engels 70).Each error made while the games make the player more cautious in thesubsequent games hence improves their performance with each match.Gaming empowers accuracy and precision, not forgetting high levels ofconcentration. Surgeons transfer that caution into the theatersmaking them achieve better outcomes. On the contrary, doctors whoengage in video games could become more confused on the operatingtable if they were to relate the fast screen images with features ofthe human body.

Someresearch conducted in the past have pointed attention difficulties asone of the factors for dyslexia .the study has shown that dyslexicsare improved in reading and comprehensions after meaningful actionsin video games. The reason that the researchers have given is thatvideo games require a lot of focus due to the continuously changingenvironments(Gamification, Co, and Ivan 21).The concentration is important in video games, and the implication isthat anyone who has the capability to concentrate on the games couldtransfer it to the performance of other tasks. This explanationhowever, is ironical in the sense that video games require much moreattention than reading and writing. Someone that can participate invideo games has a lot of potential if motivated through other methodsof learning. That explanation is used by lazy students as an excuseto engage in video games rather than do school work.

Ithas also been discovered that playing of video games could improvethe vision of an individual. From one of the studies, it was foundthat within ten weeks of video games play, there was a greaterability of the person to differentiate between different colorshades. In another exercise, the participant was requested to playthe games only with their weak eyes(Granic, Adam and Rutger 19).It was found that there were significant improvements in the visionof the chosen eye. In some cases, the eyes recorded almost standardviews. The rationale behind it is that when an eye focuses at asingle point for long, the image becomes clearer and, therefore,stimulates the vision power. The explanation given in the study isfar from the truth. Ordinarily, eyes feel weak leading to blurredimages if one stares at a screen for long moments.

Videogames could also give a boss to one`s career by encouraging theemergence of leadership traits in the player. Researchers havediscovered that players can relate the motivation acquired in thewinning of video games to the real world. They get more motivatedfrom the wins and can relate that to their goals in the careers andanother endeavor. The improvisations made during the games could betranslated and applied effectively during the crisis in office. Itenables the player or the individual to faster on their feet duringsuch crisis as they have developed an active response mechanism(Espejo 48). They also perform better under another king of pressures in theoffices. The claim leaves a lot to be desired, as, on the contrary,careers have been damaged at the altar of video games. Individualsare known to get addicted to video games and hence neglect theirduties. That is said to have contributed to death of many careers

Playerswho frequently participate in video games become excited withhistory. Most of the games apply real historical incidences tocapture their stories which could elicit the interest of the playerand propel them to make efforts to unearth more information(Granic, Adam and Rutger 15).From another research, parents who acquire books and other learningresources that are joined to games reported that the childrenconcentrated more on events under focus which could to increasedinterest in history.

The video games also make the children get more interested in thephysical games. Kids who participate in soccer video games are likelyto get interested in the actual sport than before. Video games have amotivating effect that makes the learners connect what they play withreal-life experiences(Espejo 45).The skills practiced during the games are there highly pit intopractice which improves the physical wellbeing of the child. Thisclaim is contradictory to most of the experiences gathered on theground. Most of the children who engage in the games tend to avoidmore strenuous activities. Therefore, they are unlikely toparticipate in exercises that are physically demanding.

Inanother study, the significant role that video games play in slowingdown aging was discovered. It was found out that after just 10 hoursof play, in games that involved problem solving and memory puzzle,the participant`s exuded satisfaction(Granic, Lobel, and Engels 69).It was found to have increased thinking capacity in participants overthe age of fifty years. It was also found out the improvement in thebrain functioning lasted several years. This improvement, however, isdoubtful considering the amount of time and energy demanded by thesegames. Besides, improved function of the brain is not easilyverified.

Videogames have also been found to be good in the easing of pain. Thegames distract the attention of the individual who is undergoing apainful emotional moment(Wright23).Besides that, they are also recommending wed after a physical injury.When the thoughts are immersed in an activity that demands totalconcentration, it suspends the pain to give room for attention thatthe game requires. That could probably be employed in the hospital atsome point in future after some more intensive research.

Thevideo games have created a new social site where friendships areforged. Online video game platforms have brought together individualsfrom different parts of the world and made strong relationships. Thefriendships formed online ends becoming actual physical associationswhen the playing partners eventually meet(Espejo 50).It is, therefore, an excellent social platform just like the socialmedia where people meet and make lasting friendships. That cannot beconsidered significant as the existing social media has not led to arealization of unity among communities.

Finally,video games help in making fast decisions. Since new information isreleased and displayed as the games continue, the individual learnquick- decision mechanisms to adapt to the style of the match(Gamification, Co, and Ivan 29).They are then able to translate that into real life situations.However, the kit has been found out that individuals who engage infast video games are unable to cope with real life situations thatare considered slow which are contrary to the assertion.


Thereare several benefits of video game when they are applied wisely.These benefits are determined by the individual differences and couldbe used to enhance real life situations. Better and informedpersonalities are also developed due to sheer indulgence in thegames. However their destructive aspect cannot be ignored. They havecontributed to destructive behaviors and criminality. They have alsoencouraged laziness to a great extent in the communities.


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